Kate: The Future Queen

Kate: The Future Queen

Katie Nicholl

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1602862265

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Katie Nicholl, bestselling author and royal correspondent for The Mail on Sunday, gives an inside look into the life of the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton. Since becoming Duchess Catherine of Cambridge in 2011, Middleton has captivated royals fans around the world and now, Nicholl delivers the story of her early life, first romances, and love with Prince William. Nicholl will reveal new details on Middleton’s initiation into royal life and, of course, her first pregnancy.

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coeducational establishments in the country, was founded in 1843 for the sons of Church of England clergymen. The $44,000-a-year college counts the poet Sir John Betjeman; singer Chris de Burgh to whom Kate is distantly related through her father; the Prime Minister’s wife, Samantha Cameron; and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie as notable former alumni. Out of its fourteen boarding houses, it educates a total of 889 pupils from the ages of thirteen to eighteen, about two-thirds of them girls. It

ascribed to coincidence,” he wrote. “Although at the time of making her application to universities it was unknown where the prince was intending to go, it has been suggested that her mother persuaded Kate to reject her first choice on hearing the news and take up her offer at St. Andrews instead.” Bell, who claimed he had “a reliable source who knows Kate very well,” fueled a frenzy of speculation. The truth is Kate did change her mind and reapplied to St. Andrews, knowing that the prince was

Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. It was the first time she had appeared with the family at a public event without William, appearing happy and relaxed as she chatted with Camilla and her children, Tom and Laura. Kate’s warm rapport with Charles had intensified, and the prince had grown even fonder of Kate. He loved it when William brought Kate to Highgrove for occasional weekends and had given them a set of keys and allowed them to share a room. “Charles was like any other father; he was very

Harry to make sure his younger brother was happy for him to have their mother’s ring, as and when the time came. Once they were back in Wales and William had returned to work, he invited Michael and Carole to Birkhall for the weekend. He had personally overseen everything from ensuring that there were freshly picked flowers in the guest bedrooms to organizing the menus. Just before supper on the first night, William took Michael into the drawing room, poured them both a large whiskey, and asked

invitations and the order of service for the ceremony were being taken care of by Buckingham Palace, but Michael and Carole had been invited to draw up their own guest list and the North Lantern in the abbey had been reserved for their family and friends. They were in constant communication with Mr. Lowther-Pinkerton and Helen Asprey, who explained that only the immediate family would be invited to the lunchtime reception at Buckingham Palace. It was a delicate matter; Carole and Michael had

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