Just Revenge

Just Revenge

Alan M. Dershowitz

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0446519839

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One of the foremost courtroom lawyers of his generation. Alan M. Dershowitz takes controversial stands based on the principle of equal justice for all. Along the way, he has authored the #1 New York Times bestseller Chutzpah; the bestselling account of the Claus von Bulow case Reversal of Fortune; and the bestselling courtroom drama The Advocate's Devil. Now Dershowitz has written a novel that is at once personal, passionate, and towering: an explosive legal thriller that pits Dershowitz's literary alter ego, attorney Abe Ringel, against the worst crime of the twentieth century -- the Holocaust.

What if you witnessed the most abominable deeds that human beings can inflict upon each other? What if you came face-to-face with the very man who had slaughtered your family before your eyes? That is the question confronted by a celebrated professor named Max Menuchen. Max has found the man who had killed his entire family in cold blood more than a half century before. Max, who has never before broken a law, cannot turn down his chance for revenge.

In 1943 Marcellus Prandus was a Lithuanian militia captain who carried out the blood-thirsty orders of his Nazi commanders during World War II. Today he is an old man living outside Boston. For Max, who has discovered Prandus's identity by chance, killing him is not enough, because Prandus is already dying of cancer. How can Max make Prandus suffer exactly as Max himself did? Can Max bring himself to assassinate Prandus's children and grandchildren and make the old man watch his family die, as Max himself was forced to do?

By the time defense attorney Abe Ringel enters the case, Max has carried out an astounding act of revenge, and America'sgreat Holocaust trial has begun: an explosive legal and moral struggle to find the light of justice within the darkness of human evil. With Max facing almost certain conviction, Ringel desperately tries to prove his actions we

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at six o’clock amid hugging and kissing. Marcelus left the house with a big smile, on his way to the Lithuanian Social Club a few blocks away. The club was his link to the past, where he could talk to trusted friends about the old country. When the talk turned to the war, they always used euphemisms. The roundups and executions were of Communists, traitors, and parasites. The word Jew was rarely mentioned, except to complain about how much power they still had. They never discussed the children

unjust. ‘We are not in the business of doing justice, young man, but rather in the business of applying the law,’ he said.” “Max, listen to yourself. You’re trying to play the lawyer. You’re even quoting Holmes. Did you go to law school?” “Everyone knows that taking someone and holding him against his will is kidnapping, and if he dies, it’s murder.” “Prandus poisoned himself. It was his voluntary act. We have the note.” “We wanted him to poison himself.” “He could have decided not to take

but the German authorities insisted on conducting an autopsy. I would not go back to the conference. I did not want to see anybody, or be consoled by anybody, especially by Germans. I sought out the synagogue and found a young Lubavitch rabbi from America who took care of the ritual preparations of the body. ‘He fell,’ the rabbi insisted, not wanting to confront the difficult religious response to suicide.” “He didn’t fall. He jumped. Didn’t he?” Emma asked. “Of course he jumped. Yet who was I

with the Celtics, how did you respond when players made excuses for playing poorly?” “Red never tolerated excuses,” the man said, referring to the legendary Red Auerbach. “What about you?” “I agree with Red.” Abe’s questions were designed to give the prosecutor enough faith in Hamilton so that he would not use one of his six peremptory challenges on this potential juror, whom Pullman had rated a nine on his scale of ten. “I have no objections to this juror,” Abe declared. “Nor do I,” said a

testimony,” Aldrich sputtered. Judge Tree shook his head in disagreement. “We will see to it that you strike any such juror, Mr. Aldrich. You know as well as I do that we can always find twelve jurors that read only the sports pages.” “But we can never be sure that some of my client’s compelled testimony won’t leak through the wall,” Aldrich complained. “The burden will be on the prosecution, and it is a heavy one,” Judge Tree said, looking directly at Cox. “We understand our burden,” Cox

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