Ionized Water: Life Without Disease

Ionized Water: Life Without Disease

Telesforas Laucevicius

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: B00505W27Y

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book Description
Publication Date: May 9, 2011
Water gets a lot of coverage on the radio, on television and in the press. Its properties and contamination are discussed, the differences between mineral and mineralized water are provided and so on and so forth. This knowledge is useful and broadens our horizons.

However, there is little to no information about ionized water, yet in Japan and South Korea they have known about the beneficial effects for decades and it is now gaining more and more popularity in Western Europe, especially Germany. There are numerous books, movies and tests explaining the magnificent properties of ionized water, and a great deal of information can also be found on the Internet. Nevertheless, in most countries very little is known about the use of ionized water for prophylaxis, the treatment of certain diseases, disinfection, ecological agriculture, etc. It is hard to understand why the abundance of available information about ionized water does not get the attention of our medics and other specialists. The very fact that German clinical trials, during which ionized alkaline water was used to treat diabetes, gave promising results should encourage our scientists to find out more about these trials and possibly give hope for hundreds of thousands of patients.

Moreover, some countries do not even have certified laboratories to test a very important water indicator – oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). This indicator describes the antioxidant properties of water, its suitability for the body fluids, and much more. The very request to determine this indicator is met with astonishment, “Why? The standards do not provide for that.” Such a situation encouraged the author to summarize the information about ionized water by using various literatures and an abundance of information on the Internet. The purpose of this book is to draw attention to the unique properties of ionized water, the scope of its application, especially for prophylaxis, to encourage scientists and specialists to show more interest in the works of their colleagues abroad and to assess the possibilities of practical use.

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When these ailments occur we often drink water with soda or acidity-reducing medicine. But we are only fighting the consequences. The main cause of these ailments is an acidic body. Too many acids in the body may cause heartburn, oesophagus and gastric erosion, constipation, or flatulence. Obviously, the best option is to decrease acidity of the body by supplying it with alkaline substances. This can be achieved by increasing the consumption of alkaline food products such as vegetables, lettuce,

The Before stage. Do not eat, drink or smoke two hours prior to the measurement. The indicator strip is placed on the saliva accumulated on the tip of the tongue and by comparing the indicator’s colour against the colour reference chart the pH value is determined. The After stage. A slice of lemon is put into the mouth and its juice is sucked out. The lemon slice is taken out and saliva is swallowed a few times. And then it is the same as in the Before stage. You take an indicator strip and

disease. Measuring the pH of saliva and urine helps to choose appropriate diet and assess the emotional state. The ultimate goal is to use this information and take actions to improve your health. The human body is designed to survive by adapting to even the most unfavourable conditions. The type of conditions such as: food, thoughts, emotions and so on determines the way our body functions and develops. It is important to realize that it is up to us to create good conditions for our body to

silver (with food) every day in order for the immune system to function properly. If a person drinks 1 litre of silver water which concentration is 0.1 mg/l (usually such concentrations of silver can be found in bottled mineral water) every day, then when he turns 70 he will have consumed 2.555 g of silver (365 x 70 x 0.1). Furthermore, a considerable amount of silver is removed naturally from the body. Even if these 2.5 grams of silver enter the body it will only cause a stimulating effect

alkalinity increases (the higher the value the greater the alkalinity because the amount of hydrogen ions decreases and the amount of hydroxyl ions increases). Even though the waste products of cellular metabolism are acids, our bodily fluids (except gastric acid) are weak alkalis. Blood parameters are especially important. The body can only function normally when blood is a weak alkali (7.35–7.45 pH). Only such blood can carry nutritive substances around the body and remove acid waste. We are

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