Intelligent Document Capture with Ephesoft - Second Edition

Intelligent Document Capture with Ephesoft - Second Edition

Language: English

Pages: 164

ISBN: 178355858X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Automate the processing of scanned and digital documents by improving accuracy using web-based open and modern intelligent document capture software

About This Book

  • Learn how to implement the benefits of intelligent document capture using Ephesoft Enterprise 4
  • Leverage the power of the open platform to run it as a classic intake capture system to make your current portals or applications more intelligent
  • A practical guide providing examples for optimizing document capture for your business

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for information technology professionals interested in installing and configuring Ephesoft Enterprise for their organization, but it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about intelligent document capture.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover the benefits of using intelligent document capture in your work place
  • Learn to capture, classify, and separate any type of document
  • Extract important information from your documents
  • Transfer the documents and data into your content management system
  • Customize Ephesoft to meet your unique business requirements
  • Understand the integration techniques using the Ephesoft web services API
  • Convert your paper archive to electronic records efficiently
  • Automate business processes that depend on documents in paper, fax, or email attachment format
  • Implement distributed capture for mailroom automation

In Detail

Every organization, public or private, processes documents in various formats, especially paper and fax formats. Processing documents manually is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Ephesoft Enterprise is a modern document capture solution that allows an organization to automate the business process. It uses powerful technology to classify and capture the vital information from the document's content. This helps to minimize the time your company spends on reviewing and processing any physical and electronic documents.

This book teaches you about document capture in general and implementation of document capture using Ephesoft.

Start by learning about document capture and how Ephesoft revolutionized the industry. Progress to a tour of key features, including operator and administrator interfaces and then learn to configure Ephesoft to process your business's specific document types and extract content from those documents. You will also get to know the advanced customization techniques that make Ephesoft accommodate your unique business needs. Finally, the book concludes by teaching you how to embed the classification and extraction functionality using Ephesoft's web services.

By the end, you will learn to optimize the processing of your documents, saving your company time and money.

Style and approach

This is a step-by-step guide on how to configure and use Ephesoft using an accounts payable use case. The book will start with basic techniques and progress to more advanced features that allow you to leverage the power for a modern powerful capture system.

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indexing, operators can now click on the Table View button to view the table data: Displaying table view validation Ephesoft displays the extracted table content. Operators can edit cells or edit and remove table rows to ensure that everything was captured properly: Table view validation Scripting Ephesoft can be configured to execute custom Java code in four places: In the workflow (at specific pre-defined points in Ephesoft's processing of a batch)When fields change in validationWhen an

from extraction script Triggering scripts when a field is edited Ephesoft can call a script when a change is made to the value of specified fields on the validation screen. As an example, we will implement a check to see whether the field is of the DATE type, and if so, change any date formatted with - to /. The script will run when the value is changed in the text field and the focus changes to another field, the document is saved (Ctrl + q or Ctrl + e), or another document is selected. In

with Ephesoft are included in the list. user.connection This specifies which type of source Ephesoft should use for obtaining the list of groups. A value of 1 is specified as the value of this property so that the user.msactivedirectory properties are utilized. Once this configuration file has been updated, it is necessary to restart the Tomcat server that hosts the Ephesoft application in order for the changes to take effect. To verify that the configuration is correct: Navigate to the

newest versions of document capture systems now allow organizations to enable other business applications with document capture functionalities, where the cloud, private or public, based APIs provide document capture services rather than the applications. This makes organizations more efficient when it comes to maintaining, upgrading, and integrating multiple business applications. If we try to imagine where document capture will be 5 to 10 years from now, it is anyone's guess. However, looking

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