Insight Guides: Namibia

Insight Guides: Namibia

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The 2014 travel buzz has been all about vast, intriguing, and beautiful Namibia, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you want to savor top game viewing in Etosha National Park, make the breathtaking descent into the Fish River Canyon, or discover the prehistoric rock art at Twyfelfontein, Insight Guide Namibia will make sure you have the quintessential Namibian experience. Features by local writers delve into topics including food, people, architecture, and wildlife, while fascinating accounts of the country’s regions bring Namibia to life, from the haunting Skeleton Coast to the easy-going charm of Swakopmund. The sights and attractions of the entire country are given detailed coverage, while full-color photography and maps help you navigate with ease. Our detailed Travel Tips give you all the practical information you need to plan your trip, including our selection of the best and most authentic hotels and restaurants.

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landslide victory for the president, who captured a convincing 77 percent of the vote. His party, SWAPO, also won 55 parliamentary seats, which gave it the two-thirds majority necessary to amend the constitution. Although the election was deemed free and fair, there were some controversial results, because the previous SWAPO parliament had used its predominance to alter the constitution anyway, to allow a third term for Nujoma (previously, the constitution had stated that no president should be

are buff, its belly white, and a broad black line divides the two. It also has a black band down the centre of its back and a black tail. Its distinctive face is black with a broad mask of white and a white nose. Both sexes of the creatures have long, straight horns, which form a V-shape on the top of the head. It is generally seen in small groups in the desert, but it forms larger herds at waterholes in Etosha, where fighting between males is a fairly frequent occurrence. Like many of Namibia’s

the top of this street is a replica of a turn-of-the-century structure which once crowned the Deutsche-Afrika Bank). The mall itself is a good place to shop for souvenirs, with its profusion of curio shops, craft stalls, chain stores and street cafés. Its centrepiece is the curious Gibeon Meteorite National Monument B [map], an open-air display-cum-fountain housing 33 relics of the largest known meteorite shower ever to have hit the earth – probably about 500 million years ago, when it scattered

obstacles such as rocky outcrops cause the fog to condense and droplets to form, thus creating the possibility for plant and animal life to exist in this seemingly inhospitable terrain. Visit some of the world’s highest dunes in Sossusvlei Park at sunrise or sunset to capture their changing colours. Clare Louise Thomas/Apa Publications An Age-Old Namib Recipe Rock paintings are evidence that man has roamed Namibia’s deserts for at least several hundred thousand years. These desert-dwellers

recently upgraded lodge consists of 13 luxury en-suite chalets as well as nine camping sites for equipped campers. Can arrange guided walks and visits to Himba homesteads. $$$$ (lodge), $ (camping). Ruacana Eha Lodge Springbok Avenue, Ruacana Tel: 065 271500 Situated in Ruacana about 50km (31 miles) northeast of Opuwo, this is a comfortable modern lodge with 21 en-suite rooms, a good restaurant, a swimming pool and a gym. Activities include Himba village visits

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