Imminent Threat (A James Flynn Thriller) (Volume 2)

Imminent Threat (A James Flynn Thriller) (Volume 2)

Jack Patterson

Language: English

Pages: 338

ISBN: 1515367657

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With more than 120,000 copies sold over the past three years, Jack Patterson is becoming a must-read thriller writer. What Others Are Saying … “…Bestselling author Jack Patterson proves he just might be the next worthy successor to Vince Flynn …” — NY Times bestselling author Vincent Zandri “… With a clever plot and characters you badly want to succeed, he is on his way to becoming a new era James Patterson.” — Josh Katzowitz, author of Sid Gillman: Father of the Passing Game “… Jack Patterson has hooked me. I’ll be back for me.” — Bob Behler, 3-time Idaho broadcaster of the year and play-by-play voice for Boise State About the Book International bestselling author Jack Patterson returns with this high-stakes thriller about former CIA operative James Flynn, who must do what no agent can do. With a heightened threat of a terrorist attack on American soil, former CIA operative turned magazine investigative reporter James Flynn travels to the hinterlands of Idaho to quell rumors about the Idaho National Laboratory becoming the new storage facility for Area 51 artifacts. But while he’s there, a terrorist attack occurs where the hunters become the hunted. Yet as Flynn seeks to foil the terrorists’ plot with FBI agent Jennifer Banks, they stumble upon a conspiracy that stretches far deeper than they expected—one with its tentacles firmly entrenched in various branches of the U.S. government. If they fail, America fails. And failure is never an option for Flynn.

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is—Frank Yankoski. He owns half of the town.” “Anyone else, Mr. McClendon? It’s very important that you think hard about this,” Banks said. McClendon took a deep breath. “Well, there were these three foreigners who came through the locks on a speedboat.” “Foreigners?” “Yeah, I don’t know. They had an accent of some sort.” “And that’s unusual?” “Mostly just fishermen or rich people or their spoiled kids use this waterway. It’s rare that I hear anyone with an accent.” “Did you get a look at

I’ve never seen any intelligence report anywhere suggesting that the Taliban in the area where we were fighting had ever gained access to something like this.” He held up the vial again and stared at it. “And even if they did, the most puzzling question for me would be why they used it on themselves.” Flynn folded his arms. “Maybe they didn’t use it on themselves. Maybe it was an accident.” Thatcher shook his head. “What I saw was no accident—it was clearly an intentional attack.” Flynn

Just stay focused on getting the message out about what’s happened to you over the past few days.” She took his hand and squeezed it. “You’re going to do great.” Thatcher looked up at her and smiled. “Thanks for believing in me.” “Like I had a choice. It all made too much sense for me not too.” “I still appreciate it.” Booker walked back across the floor with a big smile on her face. “It’s all taken care of,” she said. “Your friends will be treated like VIPs.” Thatcher nodded and lifted his

Watson.” “Every word of it’s true.” “Is it now? You claim to be a doctor, but I can’t verify that because someone might kill you. You run for the building containing this deadly virus but claim you’re immune. You’re not giving me much to work with here.” “Look me up on The Goldstein Group website. Look me up in the Yale database. I’m not some nut job. I want to help—in fact, I might be the only person who can help you right now.” “Give me a minute,” he said. Captain Zelinski turned toward

two vanished down the hallway. He stood over the man bleeding out. “What were you doing here?” The man glared up at Flynn and spit at him. “I asked you a question,” Flynn said as he jammed his knee into the man’s chest and knelt down close. “What were you doing here?” The man spit at Flynn again. Flynn flipped the man over and jammed the barrel of his gun into the man’s back. The man screamed a few distinct phrases Flynn understood. “Oh, so you’re Russian?” he said. “What brings you to

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