How to Stop, End, and Cure Compulsive, Emotional, and Binge Eating, Volume 1

How to Stop, End, and Cure Compulsive, Emotional, and Binge Eating, Volume 1

Richard L. Kuhns

Language: English

Pages: 97

ISBN: 2:00089554

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

You can stop and cure yourself of emotional, compulsive and binge eating. It's not the stress that causes emotion that is the problem—it's the stress that emotions cause that is the real problem. But then, not all over eating is emotional eating. This is an easy to read real book (not a condensed version) that you will not want to end. You will receive easy to use tips to handle habitual, emotional, and self defeating eating so that you can never CHEAT with food again and instead find that you'll eat everything you desire and be amazed that what you really want and desire is a lot more nutritious and less in quantity than you before imagined possible.

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intention of the words is to turn off the conditioned response to eat, the result is deception and you end up wanting food even more. Let's take a look at each one and see how this is true. The Brain Skips Nots Let's look at Sins #1 and #2: "I am not going to eat so much" and "I should not eat cake" (or whatever). To understand the problem with these sins, I'd like you to stand up (if it's possible). Turn to the next page when you’re standing. Next, please follow the next

etc. and when these failed you became even more desperate. You just "have to lose weight." Usually at about this time a client will seek hypnosis or pick up a book about losing weight, with the attitude that "this is my last hope." By this time the anxiety from being overweight is rampant. How long will the client give the technique to work--a week, ten days, a month? Clients often hang all their hopes in this short "window of time," even though it may have taken six months to ten years or

agreement with yourself. For instance, if you can bend over to tie your shoes and feel no uncomfortable obstruction, you can afford to be gluttonous if you desire. If, on the other hand, you feel an obstruction (excess fat) as you bend, then it's simply unaffordable to be gluttonous. You decide, it's either affordable or unaffordable. The only thing that can defeat you is impatience. Let go of the expectation of miraculous overnight changes. It's taken five, ten, twenty or more years for you

Glutathione is also the body's most powerful antioxidant and detoxifier which when in short supply aggravates Lyme disease, auto immune disorders, unwanted growths within the body, heart conditions, premature aging, fatigue, and so on. C hapter Review When you are nutritionally unbalanced, your reaction to stress is magnified. Balancing yourself nutritionally encourages thinness and improves your physical and emotional health. Add the following to your first week action items:

is about your success. It will help you determine which room of the house of gluttony you're in, and then it will show you how to deal with your type of overeating and escape the house of gluttony so that you can eat what you really want. And you'll find that what you really want to eat is a lot less in quantity and far more nutritious than you ever imagined possible. About Hypnosis In case you're wondering about missing out on the hypnosis part of it, relax. Not only have I learned a

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