How to Read Your Astrological Chart: Aspects of the Cosmic Puzzle

How to Read Your Astrological Chart: Aspects of the Cosmic Puzzle

Donna Cunningham

Language: English

Pages: 203

ISBN: 1578631149

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Donna Cunningham lays out a workable system for reading charts in this latest of her twelve published volumes. It isn't a cookbook, but more of a driver's manual, as she offers her unique spin on the favorite question asked of conference speakers: - How do you interpret a chart? - The book offers fresh and often pungent insights into planetary types, missing or weak features, and other facets of the horoscope that shape our character and actions. Index. Bibliography. Charts.

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profile through the lists of functions. These scenarios may not exactly match the experiences of any given individual with a Mercury-Saturn aspect. Instead of having an older sibling who took on too many parental functions, perhaps the native was an older sibling who had to be a family hero and role model to younger siblings. Life is like fiction in many respects. When you plug in the details, there are thousands of stories, yet when the story line is reduced to bare bones, there are only a few

ideas. However, look how different their modus operandi is. They support each other in very different ways than the same pair in air signs would do. The focus, persistence, and even the fixity of Saturn in Scorpio is a valuable corrective to dreamy Mercury in Pisces, who can be “spaced-out,” drifting, and undisciplined. On the other hand, Mercury in Pisces provides a more spiritual, compassionate perspective on life and humanity than cynical, often pessimistic Saturn in Scorpio. The combination

Cancer. As you work with the meanings of Pluto and the sign Cancer, you will gain some insights into the generation born with that placement, between 1914 and 1938. Recall the vast social changes that had such an impact on their sense of safety and security—World War I, the Great Depression, and the rise of fascist dictatorships leading up to World War II. Once you have a sense of what each planet means separately, put the concept lists together for each pair of planets in aspect—Sun in Aries as

we're spinning stories, in a way we didn't when discussing natal aspects. Transits seem to evoke stories, for they create plot twists in the sagas of our lives. Natal planets are like characters in a play, assembled and waiting to go on stage. They've got a history—what's happened up until now—but it takes a transit to bring them to life. The curtain rises as the antagonist enters from the wings, the hero or heroine faces complications, tension mounts, and the show is underway.1 Which Transits

Pluto in Cancer. Any time outer planets pass though the middle of a sign, from roughly 11 to 17 degrees, they aspect a series of important placements, including that T-square and the Midheaven. If you read Maya Angelou's various autobiographies, you will learn that, when that zone was active, her life took one dramatic turn after another. Another sensitive area lies between 23 and 27 degrees of the signs. Uranus stands alone in the list, a clue that its energies stand apart from the flow of the

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