How to Make a Fortune with Other People's Junk Paperback

How to Make a Fortune with Other People's Junk Paperback

G.G. Carbone

Language: English

Pages: 258


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There's buried treasure everywhere. And How to Make a Fortune with Other People's Junk shows you how to find it. Packed with proven insider tips on finding bargains in dozens of venues--including garage sales, flea markets, white elephant sales, tag sales, eBay, and more--it shows you how to:

Make treasure maps based on classified listings
Wheel and deal like a pro
Resell other people's junk for top dollar
Work upscale markets, including antique shops, auctions, and private collections

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instincts and was aware of the people and the environment of each house call. If I felt unsure, I would either bring a friend or cancel the appointment. Take necessary precautions, not unnecessary chances. Lend a Helping Hand At another yard sale I helped an elderly lady carry out boxes of merchandise because her help never showed up. I then unpacked the boxes and displayed those items on the table. I looked like I was part of the family. When someone asked, “How much for this?” I’d say, “Ask

neighborhood sale, the principle of buying for profit is the same. The same holds true for auctions. You can find an auction on every type of tangible and intangible merchandise available. Auctions are held in virtually every state in the country. The Southeast is famous for its tobacco auctions. Parts of the West and some southern states have horse and cattle auctions. Real estate auctions are now prominent everywhere. Personal prop- 3 Copyright © 2005 by G. G. Carbone. Click here for terms of

About Auctions and Garage Sales? Your local newspaper is your best source of sale information. Weekly newspapers have pull-out sections that list all auctions for that week. Garage sales and auctions often are listed in their own category in the classified section of the paper (see Figure 1-1). Specialized antique and auction newspapers, magazines, and journals will list upcoming auctions and estate sales. Other sale Unlocking the Doors to Treasures 5 Figure 1-1 Check the classified section

based on the starting price of your item, that is, 30 cents for an item listed from 1 to 99 cents. The price increases from there. Final value fees are based on the final sale price of your item, that is, 5.25 percent of the closing value from $0 to $25. And again, the percentage increases from there. Step 5: Ship the Merchandise After the buyer sends payment and his funds clear your bank, you can then ship out the merchandise. Send the merchandise and a receipt to the buyer. Ask the buyer once

To search for a particular seller on eBay, click on Advanced Search” in the upper right of eBay’s home page. Then look under Find Items and click on “Items by seller. A screen will appear and you will be prompted to type in the seller’s user id, such as “kats4dog11” or “muffstuff.” Selling Your Treasures on Your Own 177 YOUR OWN GARAGE OR YARD SALE Is eBay too mind-boggling, and are computers too technical? Do you have an accumulation of stuff that’s not really worthy of a fine antique show?

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