How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality (The Wisdom of Yogananda, Volume 6)

How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality (The Wisdom of Yogananda, Volume 6)

Paramhansa Yogananda

Language: English

Pages: 164

ISBN: 1565892569

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Paramhansa Yogananda, a foremost spiritual teacher of modern times, offers practical, wide-ranging, and fascinating suggestions on how to have more energy and to live a radiantly healthy life. The principles in this book promote physical health and all-round well-being, mental clarity, and ease and inspiration in your spiritual life.

Readers will discover:
>Priceless Energization Exercises for rejuvenating the body and mind
>The art of conscious relaxation
>Diet tips for health and beauty.

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lungs for purification, because the neutralized, electrified tissues do not require blood and oxygen. Thus, heart action and breathing become unnecessary. This leads to the release of enormous quantities of life current, which otherwise would be needed in the heart for the daily task of pumping tons of blood through the system. Thus, many billions of cells rest and depend on the sustaining life current to enable them to live in a conscious, undecaying state. When the body cells learn the art of

(The best way to know the exact amount of energy required to lift an imaginary weight is to lift the actual weight and feel how much will and energy are required.) Degrees of Tension and Relaxation Tension results when energy is sent by will power to any muscle. There are varying degrees of tension, depending on the amount of energy sent to the muscles. We shall consider the three degrees of low, medium, and high tension. Low tension is a small amount of energy; medium is more; and high is as

with palms upward. Tense both arms and vibrate. Bend them at elbows slowly as if pulling a heavy weight from each side. Relax; drop arms to side. Repeat twice. 9. Plant feet firmly on ground. Lift straight arms out to the side, parallel to the floor. Then swing body and arms, so that the left arm goes behind you and the right palm hits the center of the chest; then swing the right arm behind and the left palm hits the center of the chest. Repeat five times. This exercise helps the spine and

respiration and heart rate, bringing listeners to their calm center. This recording features fifteen melodies for flute and cello, accompanied by harp, guitar, keyboard, and strings. Excellent for creating a calming atmosphere for work and home. Further Explorations 155 AUM: Mantra of Eternity Swami Kriyananda This recording features nearly seventy minutes of continuous vocal chanting of AUM, the Sanskrit word meaning peace and oneness of spirit, as extensively discussed by Yogananda in

will begin to fall off. Similarly, our bodies decay when not “plastered” with the right kind of blood containing the right kind and quantity of body-building elements. The body begins to lose vigor, the tissues become flabby, the skin begins to wrinkle, and the cells begin to lose their building power. So, in arranging your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, be sure you are giving the body the proper food substances. x x x Vitamins Are the Brains of Your Food Experiments show that mice can live eight

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