Holly Blues (China Bayles Mystery)

Holly Blues (China Bayles Mystery)

Susan Wittig Albert

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0425240614

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

China Bayles isn't happy when a Texas wind blows her husband's ex-wife, and the mother of China's stepson, into her herb shop. Sally is known to have a split personality and fall into constant trouble with the law, but she claims she has nowhere else to turn. Now its up to China to weed out whatever it is Sally's running from before the truth catches up to them all.

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Sally. I’ll get some bread out of the freezer, and we’ll have coleslaw. Oh, and there are some of Cass’ peppermint cupcakes left from today’s lunch—I’ll bring those.” “You’re not inviting her to supper!” McQuaid exclaimed, alarmed. “Yes, I’m inviting her to supper. She’s Brian’s mother.” “I wish you’d stop saying that. I’d like to forget.” China chuckled. “Just don’t forget Caitlin. Soccer field, four o’clock.” “I’ll remember,” he replied huffily. Actually, he was looking forward to picking

you find the answer. Now, I’m a skeptic by nature, and communing with the Universe is not exactly my cup of tea. But Ruby has a strong sense of empathy and an intuitive streak that manifests itself every now and then, usually at the most unexpected moments. Like the time she received a horribly true message about a murder from a perfectly innocent Honda Civic, left in a parking lot in Indigo, Texas, with its lights on. A few minutes later, we found the owner’s body in the basement of an

another, if she walked in the door right now, you would call the police, and Sheila would come and take her off to the hoosegow.” She eyed me. “Wouldn’t you?” I sighed. Fair point. I’m no longer in practice, but I’m still a member of the bar and an officer of the court. Which means that if I don’t stay on the right side of the law, I risk losing my privileges. And anyway, I had already decided that Sally in custody is safer than Sally on the street. Ruby was right. I’d call Sheila. “But what do

stretching to the horizon on either side of the north-south interstate. Ranches occupied the rocky, arid, grassland-and-juniper uplands of western Williamson County. Productive farms lay green across the eastern flatlands, where fertile soil and higher rainfall make it possible to grow good crops. But no more. Fed by low-interest construction loans and subprime mortgages, Round Rock and Georgetown have merged and metastasized into an ugly octopus of supersized, overpriced McMansions and bloated

were brimming with tears. Ella handed her a tissue. “It was day before yesterday,” she said. “Early in the morning. She was—” “Struck by a car out on Wildwood Road,” Ella said. “She was jogging—although why she was way out there, God only knows. She usually just jogged around the block five or six times, then changed and headed for school.” “Hit-and-run,” Ruth said, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. “I don’t understand how someone could do that. Hit a pedestrian and then drive away. How can they

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