Ho Chi Minh: A Life

Ho Chi Minh: A Life

William J. Duiker

Language: English

Pages: 720

ISBN: 0786863870

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

To grasp the complicated causes and consequences of the Vietnam War, one must understand the extraordinary life of Ho Chi Minh, the man generally recognized as the father of modern Vietnam. Duiker provides startling insights into Ho's true motivation, as well as into the Soviet and Chinese roles in the Vietnam War.

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struggle against the French (this was no great surprise to Giap, who was already familiar with Maoist tactics in China and the use of similar forms of warfare during the traditional era in Vietnam) and hinted that on his arrival in China, Giap was likely to meet Nguyen Ai Quoc for the first time. After his discussion with Hoang Van Thu, Vo Nguyen Giap had launched preparations for his trip to China. In early May, after dismissing his last class at school, he walked to West Lake, in the northern

district of Saigon, the building had been constructed on the wharf in the late nineteenth century. Carvings of dragons on the roof gave the building its name. Today it houses the municipal branch of the Ho Chi Minh Museum. The French steamship Amiral Latouche—Trtville measured 400 feet in length, weighed 600 tons, and was staffed by 72 officers and ordinary seamen. Ho, known as “Ba,” was hired in June 1911 as a kitchen helper, and sailed on the ship to Europe. Shown here is a copy of

elections: in DRV, 325, 352, 353 in reunification plans, 459, 467–68, 469–70, 471, 479, 494, 508 Elliott, Duong Van Mai, 445, 477 Ely, Paul, 454 Elysée Accords, 413, 414, 423, 424–25, 456 England, see Britain Escoffier, Auguste, 52 Expressen, 451 Fall, Bernard, 7, 442 Far Eastern Bureau (FEB), 162, 166, 168, 170, 171, 192, 195, 196, 199, 201 Fatherland Front (Mat tran To quoc), xv, 474, 504 FCP, see French Communist Party FEB, see Far Eastern Bureau Federation of Communist Groups of

Borodin and his wife were aware of his true identity. Borodin had become acquainted with the young Vietnamese revolutionary at the Lux Hotel when both were living in Moscow the previous year. Both spoke English (Borodin had spent some time as a labor organizer in Chicago before World War I), and they shared a common interest in their desire to promote the growth of the revolutionary movement in Asia. As head of the Comintern mission to Sun Yat-sen’s government in Canton, Borodin could be very

the area should join the soon-to-be-established Siamese Communist Party to help carry out the first, or bourgeois democratic, stage of the Siamese revolution. To assuage the fears of those Vietnamese who feared that they would no longer be identified with the struggle to liberare Vietnam, he suggested that the league’s office in Udon Thani be transformed into a provincial committee of the VCP. In mid-April, Nguyen Ai Quoc returned to Bangkok, where he presided over a meeting to establish a new

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