His Brother's Bride (Banks Brothers' Brides Book 4)

His Brother's Bride (Banks Brothers' Brides Book 4)

Rose Gordon

Language: English

Pages: 241

ISBN: B00C72N49S

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Upon opening the door to his home, Henry Banks is stunned. First, he’s greeted by a woman he never expected to see on this side of the ocean. Second, she’s just handed him a piece of paper that says she’s betrothed to his twin brother Elijah who just so happens to be on his wedding trip. When threatened with a scandal, Henry does the only thing he can think of: pretend he’s Elijah and asks to court her.

Laura Swift doesn’t believe for one second that the twin she’s standing in front of is Elijah. Neither does she care. She’s come to England for one reason: revenge against the Banks family; and it matters not one jot which twin she marries as long as she’s granted an introduction to their extended family.

While Henry must struggle to keep from exposing either his identity or his heart, it’s Laura who stands to lose the most; and when the opportunity presents itself to exact her revenge, she must decide if it's revenge she’s longed for, or the love of a good man, because even she knows she cannot have both.

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snapped. “But if I were, it would be because you were making me wait and were being annoying with your whistling at the same time.” “If you say so.” “I say so,” she said with a sniff. She reached down and picked up her reticule and fan. “Are you ready to leave now, or do you require a bit more time to attend your toilette?” “No. I'm not sure if I could possibly make myself any more dashing than this.” She fought the urge to roll her eyes. “Vanity. It will be the end of humanity.” “Pardon?”

like another chance to use the necessary?” “I'm ready now.” She cast a snarl in the direction of the pathetic outhouse. “If I have to go that desperately, I shall just endeavor to use a bush.” “And if that happens, I shall endeavor to help you by holding your skirt.” Laura hoped that wouldn't happen; but no less than two hours later, she had to go. It didn't help that every time there was so much as a pebble in the road, the carriage bumped and jolted, making her need that much more urgent,

problem was me.” “No,” he barked, his voice hoarse, raw with emotion. “There is nothing wrong with you; his actions were deliberate.” She'd wondered if that was possible from time to time, and even more so, in those quiet moments after Henry had separated their bodies. She couldn't make sense of why everything had been so different, when she'd expected it to be so much worse. “Is that why you didn't wish for me to touch you down there?” His question caught her unaware. “I—I don't know. I know

cutting it short, as she remembered she and Henry had been having the same type of encounter only an hour before. The blood drained from her face and her hands flew to her haphazardly pinned hair. She hadn't the supplies necessary to fix it, not to mention her dress was crushed, as was Henry's costume. “It's all right,” Henry whispered in her ear, idly rubbing his hand up and down her back. Still touching her, he turned his attention back to his brother Alex. “How was London?” “Good,” Alex

been abused in nearly every way possible, so would she really want to inflict that fate on someone else, knowing how it feels? Or would her bitterness from her past, only spur her on to want to make that a reality for the woman she faulted as the reason for her own abuse. He closed his eyes and scrubbed his face with his hands. Thinking of everything logically, he was inclined to believe the latter. The papers Elijah had presented him, coupled with her actions of coming across the ocean were

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