Hiking and Backpacking Big Sur: A Complete Guide to the Trails of Big Sur, Ventana Wilderness, and Silver Peak Wilderness (2nd Edition)

Hiking and Backpacking Big Sur: A Complete Guide to the Trails of Big Sur, Ventana Wilderness, and Silver Peak Wilderness (2nd Edition)

Analise Elliot Heid

Language: English

Pages: 329

ISBN: 2:00288172

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


This is the most detailed guide to hiking and backpacking in Big Sur. Explore the endless hiking and backpacking possibilities in 75 trips (plus numerous side trips) on the rugged coastline and isolated backcountry trails of Big Sur, Ventana Wilderness, and Silver Peak Wilderness.

Stretching 90 miles from Carmel to San Simeon, Big Sur consists of coastal cliffs, jagged rocky promontories, ancient redwood forests, and lush riparian woodlands.

This invaluable resource gives the latest information on the trails, roads, camps, and beaches in Big Sur, plus all of the area's state parks and wilderness areas.

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between Big Sur and southern Oregon, most of the old-growth redwood forests were heavily logged, and now only small stands of these ancient trees remain in an area of less than 300,000 acres. A 6-foot diameter cross-section of a 1000-year-old felled redwood rests beside the upper trailhead. Although enormous, it’s an average size and age for this region. Throughout their range in central California, redwoods rarely exceed 1500 years old, 10 feet in diameter, or 250 feet in height. It’s the

popular trails. You’ll follow McWay Creek a half mile to the viewpoint atop an open bluff for stunning views of the cove and open coastline. Summer crowds are elbow to elbow along this heavily used trail. TRIP SUMMARY: Trip Description From the east end of the parking lot, the Waterfall Overlook Trail crosses a bridge over McWay Creek to a spur junction (0.1 mile, 250'). Turn left on this spur and walk 50 feet to see the Pelton Wheel, a vintage hydroelectric plant that once harnessed steep,

allowed on park trails. WEBSITE: parks.ca.gov PHONE: (831) 667-2403 122 Limekiln State Park 123 Limekiln State Park 121º 32' 00" 121º 31' 00" 121º 30' 00" Los Padres National Forest Limekiln State Park 27 Lim Tra ekiln il 36º 1' 00" 28 Li Fal meki ls T ln rai l y1 36º 1' 00" Hw Ventana Wilderness Ha Cre re Tra ek il 29 P T $ ? Hw True North Magnetic North 14.5 0 500 0 500 y1 1000 yards 1000 meters 121º 32' 00" 121º 31' 00" 121º 30' 00" Trip 27 LIMEKILN TRAIL

(0.5 mile, 20'), where you’ll bear right on a distinct trail toward the eroding bluffs. Atop the bluffs, you’ll stroll past eucalypti and brief glimpses of glistening San Simeon Bay. The trail soon merges with a dirt road to San Simeon Point that passes numerous coastal overlooks. Pause at the point (1.2 miles, 20') to appreciate this pristine coastline before returning the way you came. If you wish to hike farther, the trail leads west through a dense cypress forest to emerge on windswept dunes

to the remote 4853-foot summit of Ventana Double Cone, in the heart of Ventana Wilderness. The most popular options TRIP SUMMARY: Views west toward Pico Blanco at the summit of Ventana Double Cone include this route from Bottchers Gap, as well as routes from Los Padres Dam along the Carmel River Trail (page 185) and the Big Pines Trail (page 187), and from China Camp via Pine Valley (page 205). Each route has its advantages and disadvantages. Read on for general details, but see each trip

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