Hellfire (Demonslayers, Book 2)

Hellfire (Demonslayers, Book 2)

Kate Douglas

Language: English

Pages: 253

ISBN: 1420110004

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As night falls in Abyss, an evil beyond measure awakens in secret—an evil that the Demonslayers must vanquish in Kate Douglas's sensational new paranormal romance. . .

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broad back like a rag doll. HellFire once again landed in the dirt, but this time Alton lay beside his sword, unmoving. Ginny searched for his thoughts and found nothing. Then the bull charged. Ginny stood her ground as best she could with her sandals sinking into the torn and shredded dirt. The bull lunged toward her red skirt. She whipped it out of the way as the animal passed and struck him across the shoulders with the flat of her blade. A black wraith flew from between his horns—the

few hours’ sleep a night. Holding on to Dax’s hand, with Bumper following close behind, Eddy stepped through the gateway to Mount Shasta. Alton took Ginny’s hand and walked down the steps from the dais to the stone floor of the great hall. Taron walked beside them. They didn’t look back at the eight senators or Chancellor Artigos. Neither did the soldiers try to stop the man who had been brought before the Council of Nine in chains. What had just occurred was unprecedented. HellFire’s speech,

will-o’-the-wisp. They were all that stood between a demon invasion of Earth and the unsuspecting citizens of this world. Alton was terrified they might not be enough. Eddy’s cell phone played “Ode to Joy.” She reached for the phone and turned away to take her call. A chill raced along Alton’s spine. Eddy stared at the phone in her hand for a long, long time. Then she slowly slipped it back into her jeans pocket. Alton and Dax were deep in conversation, and it looked like Bumper and Willow

charge card, Ginny. That place we’re staying in must be costing you a fortune.” Alton interrupted. “That would be my department. I grabbed a handful of diamonds when we were in Lemuria and we sold a couple to a jeweler.” Eddy’s mouth fell open and she grabbed his shoulder. “You mean he didn’t ask you where they came from?” Alton shrugged. “He was more interested in paying us a fraction of their actual value and getting us out of his shop.” “There’s our turn.” Ginny flashed a glance at Eddy as

something not quite the way it should be. After a brief pause, HellFire said, I sense evil. Something moves within this dwelling. Something that does not belong. “Ginny?” Alton leaned over and brushed his lips across her brow. “Ginny, wake up. Something’s wrong.” Her eyes flashed wide, barely visible in the darkness. “What’s the matter?” “I don’t know, but HellFire agrees. Get something on, grab your sword. I don’t want to open the door unless we’re both armed.” She nodded and slid out of

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