Hatha Yoga: Or, the Yogi Philosophy of Physical Well-Being

Hatha Yoga: Or, the Yogi Philosophy of Physical Well-Being

Yogi Ramacharaka

Language: English

Pages: 173

ISBN: 1516884752

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" 1904. What is Hatha Yoga? Yogis' regard for the physical body; Work of the divine Architect; Our friend, the vital force; Laboratory of the body; life fluid; Crematory of the system; Nourishment; Hunger vs. appetite; Prana absorption from food; About food; Irrigation of the body; Ashes of the system; Yogi breathing; Effect of correct breathing; Breathing exercises; Nostril breathing vs. mouth breathing; Little lives of the body; Control of the involuntary system; Pranic energy; Science of relaxation; Use of physical exercise; Yogi bath; Solar energy; Fresh air; Nature's sweet restorer, sleep; Regeneration; Mental attitude; Led by Spirit. This

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men who, by reason of their non-activity and sedentary habits, had departed from nature's normal plan and had become constipated. So they managed to construct a primitive implement resembling a syringe from the reeds, with a sort of blow-pipe attachment, would inject warm river water into the bowels of the old men suffering from this complaint. The results were wonderful—the old men took on a new lease of life, took - 67 www.metta.org.uk unto themselves young wives, and began to again enter

box, the small end of which is turned upward, the back of the box being formed by the spinal column, the front by the breastbone and the sides by the ribs. The ribs are twenty-four in number, twelve on each side, and emerge from each side of the spinal column. The upper seven pair are known as "true ribs," being fastened to the breastbone direct, while the lower five pairs are called "false ribs" or "floating ribs," because they are not so fastened, the upper two of them being fastened by

known to the Yogis to be the best method of respiration known to science. The Yogi Complete Breathing. Yogi Complete Breathing includes all the good points of High Breathing, Mid Breathing and Low Breathing, with the objectionable features of each - 76 www.metta.org.uk eliminated. It brings into play the entire respiratory apparatus, every part of the lungs, every air-cell, every respiratory muscle. The entire respiratory organism responds to this method of breathing, and the maximum amount of

projections from other cells, so that they are practically holding hands and forming a chain, along which passes the Prana. - 97 www.metta.org.uk Of the carriers, moving workers, policemen, soldiers, etc., of the cellcommunity there are millions upon millions in each human body, it being estimated that there are in one cubic inch of blood at least 75,000,000,000 (seventy-five thousand million) of the red-blood cells alone, not to speak of the other cells. The community is a large one. The

your weight, but you are mistaken. You will find that, in spite of yourself, you are endeavouring to support a part of your weight by tensing some of the muscles-you are trying to hold yourself up. Stop this and let the couch attend' to this work for you. You are as foolish as was the old woman who sat on the edge of the car-seat and tried to help the train along. Take the sleeping child for - 128 www.metta.org.uk your model. It allows its entire weight to rest on the bed. If you doubt this

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