Hare Sitting Up (Sir John Appleby, Book 18)

Hare Sitting Up (Sir John Appleby, Book 18)

Michael Innes

Language: English

Pages: 138

ISBN: 1842327380

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When a germ-warfare expert goes missing, his twin brother impersonates him as a cover-up, but for how long can this last? Inspector Appleby is sent on a series of wild goose chases, which take him to a preparatory school, to the estate of an eccentric earl, and to a remote Atlantic rock, before a truly shocking climax.

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decidedly a lesson in Marchbanks. Entirely sane, Marchbanks had been, even if by some standards irresponsible. Irresponsible… The word moved uneasily in Appleby’s mind. It was something that Miles Juniper had said. It was something in the tone, the mere inflexion, of something he had said… Appleby paused on this, aware that he was on curiously obscure ground. For this hadn’t been the only moment of its kind during that interview at Splaine Croft. There had been something else of the sort too:

side of Juniper’s shoes. He had the appearance of being very relaxed. ‘But we need to get the know-how. A hint or two, say. And I take it you don’t mean, sir, that your own generation is entitled simply to abdicate responsibility?’ ‘Certainly not. But I’m being a bore.’ Juniper suddenly felt so tired that he wanted to get out of the whole conversation. ‘It’s not really stuff for a schoolmaster to pontificate about.’ ‘You seemed to have some specialized knowledge,’ the dark Gavin said abruptly.

whatever we may think of its common sense. Howard had to impersonate himself. More strictly, and so far as you were concerned, he had to play the part of Miles Juniper called upon to play the part of Howard Juniper. And he was Howard Juniper. It was a situation that would tax the most accomplished of professional actors, I imagine. And Howard – for we are talking about Howard, remember – overplayed the factor of error. I don’t know whether that’s the apt expression, but you see what I mean.

it not quite proper, since he wasn’t separated from his wife, or anything of the sort. But the duchess didn’t seem to mind, and it was all very domestic. Every evening after dinner the old chap would toddle off to his alternative lady for an hour or so. And she’d sing to him all that noisy stuff out of Wagner. Could be heard half a mile away – which tended to increase people’s sense of the impropriety of the whole thing. Still it went down rather well, really, and nobody would ever have thought

John Appleby, ex-Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. A Change of Heir George Gadberry, ‘resting actor’, packs his bags and heads for obscurity when the Tax Inspector beckons. Then he receives a mysterious invitation and a proposition that could lead to enormous riches. Wealthy imbiber, Nicholas Comberford, wants George to impersonate him in order to secure a place in the will of fabulously affluent Great-Aunt Prudence, who lives in a Cistercian monastery and won’t allow a single drop of

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