Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies and the Truth About Reality

Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies and the Truth About Reality

Brad Warner

Language: English

Pages: 232

ISBN: 1614293163

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Zen, plain and simple, with no BS.

This is not your typical Zen book. Brad Warner, a young punk who grew up to be a Zen master, spares no one. This bold new approach to the "Why?" of Zen Buddhism is as strongly grounded in the tradition of Zen as it is utterly revolutionary. Warner's voice is hilarious, and he calls on the wisdom of everyone from punk and pop culture icons to the Buddha himself to make sure his points come through loud and clear. As it prods readers to question everything, Hardcore Zen is both an approach and a departure, leaving behind the soft and lyrical for the gritty and stark perspective of a new generation.

This new edition will feature an afterword from the author.

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unfolding of a dialogue. Five Skandhas Buddhists do not accept the existence of a soul, some unchanging thing that is somehow “the essence” of a person. Instead they see a human being as a composite of five skandhas. The word skandha literally means “heap.” Imagine a heap of junk: take away all the individual pieces of junk that make up the heap, and the heap is gone. There is no “heap essence” or “heap soul” aside from the pieces of junk on the heap. In Buddhism, the five “heaps” that

that you are everything. You want to say something, but none of the words you have will stick at all; nothing will come except for a wide, wide smile that crosses all of space and time—and the moment is utterly forgotten. Then one day you’re walking along the banks of a river somewhere far, far from that driveway and all at once it comes rushing back, though it never really left. But still, none of the words you have will stick to it at all. “DON’T WORRY,IT WILL COME... WITH ENLIGHTENMENT!”

all of creation. The present moment is eternal. It’s always there. It is unborn and it cannot die. And it does not reincarnate. Nor does it hold any beliefs or opinions, for or against anything at all. You prefer The Pogues to The Backstreet Boys, but the universe does not. It should, of course, but it includes and embraces both of them equally. Yet you and the universe are one and the same. If we sit behind the old railway station in Kent, Ohio, and watch the Cuyahoga River flow, ignoring the

Meat Puppets came through town with bags full of pot. Hippies! Sell-outs!9 A lot of people in our scene were into Straight Edge, a movement spearheaded by the Washington, D.C., band, Minor Threat, and their singer Ian MacKaye. Straight Edgers didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, didn’t do drugs, and claimed to renounce meaningless sex as well. They liked to draw big X’s on their hands with Magic Marker, an imitation of the mark minors got at “all-ages” shows held at bars. I admired the Straight Edgers

break. I took our demo tape to the manager of The Bank, the legendary venue in Akron where all the cool new-wave groups had played. The Bank had once been a real bank: there was a giant vault inside as well as the vestiges of teller’s windows and the luxurious lobby that once lured major investors to put their money into what had been, some fifty years earlier, one of America’s fastest-growing cities. To my astonishment we got the gig. But The Bank, as it turned out, was only months away from

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