Gossamer Ghost (A Scrapbooking Mystery)

Gossamer Ghost (A Scrapbooking Mystery)

Laura Childs

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0425266672

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The New York Times bestselling author of Gilt Trip returns to New Orleans for scrapbooking, Halloween, and homicide…

Scrapbook shop owner Carmela Bertrand is ready to head out and enjoy her night until she hears some strange noises coming from Oddities, the neighboring antiques shop, and decides to investigate. Her evening plans are abruptly put on hold when out of a curio cabinet—and into her arms—falls the bloody body of Oddities owner Marcus Joubert.

While Joubert was known for being an eccentric, Carmela never thought he could inspire the passion required to kill—until she learns a priceless death mask was also stolen. As the mystery grows, so does the list of suspects, leaving Carmela with the feeling that it will take every trick in the book to unmask the killer thief before there’s another night of murderous mischief…

Scrapbooking Tips and Recipes Included!

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Evan Blessed (Constable Evans, Book 9)

An Evil Eye (Yashim the Eunuch, Book 4)

Naming The Bones

Back Before Dark: Sometimes rescuing a friend from darkness ... means going in after them (Code of Silence, Book 2)

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they make those death masks, anyway?” Carmela glanced at Gabby, who looked suddenly concerned. “Basically, they take a mold of someone’s face,” said Carmela. “How on earth would you do that?” asked one of the women. “It’s a fairly simple process,” said Carmela. “Today, instead of messing with wax, you’d probably mold plaster bandages dipped in water.” “We should do that,” said Tandy. “Have a class on making death masks.” “That sounds a little macabre,” said Baby. “Okay, so we’ll call them

“Ah,” said François, looking thoughtful. “I find myself in the peculiar position of following in my wife’s rather elegant footsteps. That is, assisting her in getting her jewelry shop up and running.” “You realize,” the countess said to her husband, “Carmela is the owner of Memory Mine Scrapbook Shop right next door. She’s my brand-new neighbor.” “That’s wonderful,” declared François. “And I can see that you’re good friends already.” Carmela tried not to cringe. “We certainly are,” said the

know, we’ll be offering a tasty collection of Victorian funeral jewelry, too. If that happens to be your cup of tea.” “I’ll have to check it out,” Ava said. “Nothing like fine design that’s been ripped from the crypt.” “Maybe you could come to my grand opening,” purred the countess. “Is your husband here tonight?” Carmela asked. She was curious as to why the countess was wandering the streets of the French Quarter all by her lonesome. After all, she was new in town and supposedly didn’t know

makeup.” “Why?” said Tandy, as Carmela slipped a shower cap over her red hair. “Because I’m going to smear your face with Vaseline, that’s why,” said Carmela. She dipped a finger into the jar and smoothed a gob of the clear jelly across Tandy’s forehead. Then she smeared Tandy’s nose, cheeks, and jaw. “That’s not so bad,” said Tandy. “Just feels a little gooey.” “Close your eyes,” said Carmela. “Uh-oh,” said Julie, as Tandy obliged. “Here comes the tough stuff.” “I gotta keep ’em closed?”

uncomfortable hug. “You look amazing,” he purred, his lips lightly brushing her throat. “You look great, too,” said Carmela. Then, “How come you didn’t run in the 5K tonight?” “Yeah,” Ava piped up. “I thought you were a real jock. Didn’t you letter in track at Tulane?” “He did,” said Carmela. She took a step back. “At least he said he did.” “So you should have been out there leading the pack,” said Ava. Shamus offered a pained expression. “Me? Heck no, ladies. I’ve got myself a really bad

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