Gone (Michael Bennett)

Gone (Michael Bennett)

James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 145551585X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


Manuel Perrine doesn't fear anyone or anything. A charismatic, ruthless strongman, Perrine slaughters rivals as effortlessly as he wears his trademark white linen suits. Detective Michael Bennett is the only U.S. official ever to succeed in putting Perrine behind bars. But now Perrine is out-and vows to find and kill Bennett and everyone dear to him.

Bennett and his ten adopted children are living on a secluded California farm, guarded by the FBI's witness protection program. Soon Perrine begins a campaign of assassinations, brazenly slaughtering powerful individuals across the country. The FBI has no clue where Perrine is hiding or how he is orchestrating his attacks. It is forced to ask Bennett to risk it all-his career, his family, his own life-to fight Perrine's war on America.

With intensity, speed, and explosive action rivaling James Bond movies at their best-and featuring one of the most complex and chilling villains ever created-GONE is the newest astounding novel by James Patterson.

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reneged, causing the seizure by the US Coast Guard of an entire shipping container filled to the brim with premium Colombian heroin. Manuel had not been pleased. Yesterday afternoon, the cartel boss had forwarded to Vida a very simple instruction by encrypted text message. Slay the dragons, his text had said. Each and every one. She weaved through the dense El Monte neighborhood until she found the location she was looking for, a deserted parking lot behind a shuttered supermarket on Cogswell

“You follow this till you get to the creek, and then you’ll see Mr. Cody’s silo down the hill.” “Thanks, Kevin,” Mary Catherine said, riding Spike through the gate. “It was nice meeting you.” “You, too, ma’am,” the polite young dope farmer said, with a tip of his hat, as Mary Catherine rode away. Chapter 40 White light flashed in the pitch black and began fluttering. After a moment, a low and insistent electronic buzzing began sounding off, the measured pulses synched with the flutter

have to. With the best of them, actually. Bassman stared levelly at me, his square jaw working as he chewed his gum. Then he clapped a hand painfully on my shoulder as he smiled again. “Well, if you need anything, Mr. Bennett—directions to Disneyland, star maps, anything at all—remember, the LAPD is here to protect and serve,” he said. Chapter 44 After that rousing encounter with the welcome wagon, I pored over the case files on all the murders. The most disturbing photos by far were

safe house. At the airport, an air force jet was already gassed and waiting. A couple more unbelievably gracious and young, competent soldiers strapped me into this new aircraft, and we took off. Emily didn’t tell me to sleep or calm down or talk to her or anything. After a while, I turned away from the window and found her hand in mine. We touched down less than an hour later at Susanville Municipal Airport. When they dropped the jet door, I could see marked town-police and state-trooper cars

cried in Spanish as he handed his English butler his silk sport coat and began rolling up his sleeves. “Don’t tell me she foaled?” Bowlegged Beto nodded rapidly and smiled, the laugh lines around his bright eyes like cracks in brown glass. “Show me immediately.” They walked along the front of his massive, marble-stepped mansion and around the pool to the air-conditioned barn. Though he had several Thoroughbred racehorses, Perrine’s real passion was for the show horses. They walked past stalls

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