God's Resting Place: Finding Your Identity in His Peace

God's Resting Place: Finding Your Identity in His Peace

Ron Marquardt

Language: English

Pages: 55


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Are you looking for rest? The words Joy, Peace, and Rest are all very familiar words in our society. Yet, they seem so elusive when attempting to apply their power in our everyday lives. In today s busy world of instant communication, instant business, and instant access, we find ourselves living life in another very familiar term, ON DEMAND, making it almost impossible to just take it easy, relax, and spend time with the people who are most important to us. To God, nobody is more important than you. His desire is for us to enter into His perfect rest...and stay there. Rest is the state of heart that God created for all mankind - a place of true joy and peace. In this incredible book author Ron Marquardt shows us how we can rediscover God's place of rest. Get ready for your life to be transformed! As you find your place in God s rest, everything about your old life will fall away and you will begin to experience a perfect relationship with the Creator of the Universe, the One who loves you more than anything.

This book is a product of Mr. Marquart's authentic pursuit of who God really is. Encouraging, inspring, and revealing, these words have the power to set you free. Free from all of the prescribed religious mumbo-jumbo most of us have grown to actually embrace without realizing it. Prepare to have your eyes opened and heart enlightened in this powerful read.

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all them that believe: for there is no difference (Romans 3:21). This recognition, that we are no longer under a set of laws that define our right standing with God, frees us to truly love Him and respond without fear to His call; His invitation. It also eliminates our need to judge others and be envious of those we deem better than ourselves. Now that leaves us with only one thing to brag about, His great grace and mercy. We can no longer look to our own strength and say we have something to

boast about. Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? of works? Nay: but by the law of faith. 28 Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law (Romans 3:27). If I am to enter into this state of being called His rest, it is a must that I give up my self-effort. This self-effort produces the wrong kind of emotions and will lead me into the wrong fruit. Entering into rest is a realm of freedom from the law and its curses. It is freedom to live

refers to the lost as Lost. I only lose something of value. I never lose a cheap watch, but I will tear the house apart looking for a Rolex. Why? Because it has value and worth, that’s why! Jesus came to seek that which was lost because God has value for all of us! As we look at the scriptures in Hebrews about rest, I want to be careful to place them in the context they were written. In the first chapter of Hebrews, the writer begins developing his case that Jesus was above angels. This may

herself differently. She saw herself from his perspective. The scars were no longer defining the way she saw herself. Somewhere she had chosen to allow his love to change her self-perception. If he cared that much, then maybe she could see herself the way he saw her. We have that same choice before us today. We can choose to believe the truth that we have value to God. He sees us without all the scars that we obsess about every day, when we look at the mirror of our past failures. Or we often

solidify His position on healings and blessings. He wants it to be the same here as it is in heaven! This key can be a great strength to people struggling with those areas where they don’t know what God’s will is. God has defined His will very specifically in His Word and reveals it by His Holy Spirit to all that will listen. We have been taught through the years that finding His specific will for our lives is a difficult thing that only a few figure out. Scriptures that I hope to shed some

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