GMAT Reading Comprehension (Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides)

GMAT Reading Comprehension (Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides)

Language: English

Pages: 152

ISBN: 1941234062

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Adapting to the ever-changing GMAT exam, Manhattan Prep’s 6th Edition GMAT Strategy Guides offer the latest approaches for students looking to score in the top percentiles. Written by active instructors with 99th-percentile scores, these books are designed with the student in mind.

The GMAT Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide empowers students to tackle puzzling questions about difficult reading passages on the GMAT. It teaches how to peel back layers of complicated wording to make sense of confusing content and find proof for the correct answer quickly. Unlike other guides that attempt to convey everything in a single tome, the GMAT Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide is designed to provide deep, focused coverage of one specialized area tested on the GMAT. As a result, students benefit from thorough and comprehensive subject material, clear explanations of fundamental principles, and step-by-step instructions of important techniques. In-action practice problems and detailed answer explanations challenge the student, while topical sets of Official Guide problems provide the opportunity for further growth. Used by itself or with other Manhattan Prep Strategy Guides, the GMAT Reading Comprehension Strategy Guide will help students develop all the knowledge, skills, and strategic thinking necessary for success on the GMAT. Purchase of this book includes one year of access to Manhattan Prep’s online computer-adaptive GMAT practice exams and Reading Comprehension Question Bank. All of Manhattan Prep's GMAT Strategy Guides are aligned with the 2016 Edition GMAC Official Guide.

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inflect. Not all inflect = pro-drop, either. (3) But actually, inflect = sort of pro-drop. W hy repeat yrself. Table of Contents (1) “Pronoun-Drop” Languages & Inflected Verbs (2) Exceptions Both Ways (3) Inflected Verbs = Pro-Drop Anyway MANHATTAN GMAT 33 Chapter/2 Reading Comprehension Components of Passages The Point BackgroundSupport; and Implications Foreshadowing Components of Passages Reading Comprehension passages cover a wide range of topics and are structured in many

burrow alongside a paralyzed grasshopper, which her larva can eat when it hatches. Before she deposits the grasshopper in the burrow, she leaves it at the entrance and goes inside to inspect the burrow. If the inspection reveals no problems, she drags the grasshopper inside by its antennae. Scientific experiments have uncovered an inability on the wasp's part to change its behavior when experienc­ ing disruptions of this routine. Charles Darwin discovered that if the grasshopper's antennae are

justify your assignments. 4. W hat is the structure of this passage? In other words, where is the Point positioned, and why? M ANHATTAN GMAT Short Passages 5. Read the following passage and create a Headline List in 2.5-3 minutes. After answering the ques­ tions below the passage, compare your Headline List to the sample in the answer key and provide critiques. Passage: Animal Treatment Over the course of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, educated Britons came to embrace the

prominent Civil War-era politician lead to a question­ ing of certain accepted historical interpretations about the conflict. (E) Research into the mapping of the human genome gives rise to nascent applications of individually tailored medicines. MANHATTAN GMAT m Passages & Problem Sets Chapter 7 Passage E; Polygamy Polygamy in Africa has been a popular topic for social research over the past four decades; it has been analyzed by many distinguished minds and in various well-publicized

life. While they propa­ gated this view with the authority of the Bible, they were convinced that Africans had to be MANHATTAN GMAT coerced into partaking in the vision of mo­ nogamy understood by the Western culture. The missionary viewpoint even included, in some instances, dictating immediate divorce in the case of newly converted men who had already contracted polygamous marriages. Unfortunately, both the missionary voice and the scholarly voice did not consider the views of African women

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