Gilead's Blood (Warhammer)

Gilead's Blood (Warhammer)

Dan Abnett

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 1849703817

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Re-release of classic Black Library fantasy title

Gilead Lothain, shadowfast warrior and last of the line of Tor Anrok, travels the land slaking his thirst for vengeance on the dark creatures that stalk the forests and mountains of the Old World. With his faithful retainer Fithvael at his side, the doom-laden Gilead battles corrupt humans, beastmen, warriors of the Dark Gods and more in this collection of action-packed tales.

Heaven's Spite (Jill Kismet, Book 5)

A Dance of Ghosts (Shadowdance, Book 5)

Doomstalker (The Darkwar Trilogy, Book 1)

In the Night Garden (The Orphan's Tales, Book 1)













old pledge. The pledge our kind made in the last years, as our numbers dwindled and we retreated from the world that had been ours. We may regard them as a crude, ignorant child race, but the humans are our heirs to this land. My father taught me to honour mankind, with my life if needs be. Our time has gone, my friends. The world is newer and sparer than we in the days of our forebears. ‘There is a term the lords of Bretonnia use: “noblesse oblige”. I see from your faces you know what it means.

girl’s dame,’ said Gilead, eyes glistening with anticipation. ‘Less haste, lord. Let us first reconnoitre the area. It may be that these humans have no sympathy for our kind after so long a time.’ Gilead demurred, the guilt and shame of his mental lapse still fresh in his mind. They spent two uneventful nights scouting every inch of the estate, but everything they saw only served to convince them of what they already believed to be true. The humans had built their own great manor on what had

wield a sword in either hand, he could move with the kind of dancer’s grace that had always characterised his defensive strategy and, finally, late one afternoon, he became shadowfast. He had spent all day sparring in the courtyard with the Elios warriors who had become his friends and allies. Suddenly Gilead sensed an attack from behind, then another to his left. It was a regular habit of the warriors to ambush each other in this manner, for battle awareness or, at the end of a long day, for

Gilead stood beside them now. ‘Mourning,’ Nithrom replied, without looking up. Gilead sat down on the millstones next to Nithrom. ‘No… here. In this human nest, mixing with them.’ ‘The same as you.’ ‘We have no purpose. No reason to be here. No cause, no drive, no…’ Fithvael’s voice trailed away. ‘Then not like you,’ Nithrom said. ‘I have a cause. I am here to purchase supplies, collect resources. To collect a few more good swords, if I can.’ He looked round at Fithvael, a smile – sad

or two. He knew he would never forget what he had seen. A sliver of the distant past, of the old ways, of the traditions and lore that he and his western kin had long since forgotten. It made him feel honoured and humble, all at once. And it made him feel older and more worn than he had ever felt before. Dawn was early, and as pale and hard as steel. They woke to mists and ribbons of birdsong. As the sun climbed and steamed the mist away, they were moving again, with Erill, Gaude and Harg

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