Ghost Warrior

Ghost Warrior

Lucia St. Clair Robson

Language: English

Pages: 608

ISBN: 0765383659

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ghost Warrior is a sensitive treatment of a little-known Apache heroine, from New York Times bestselling author Lucia St. Clair Robson
Lozen has known since childhood that the spirits have chosen her to defend Apache freedom. As the US army prepares to move her people to an Arizona reservation, Lozen forsakes marriage and motherhood to fight among the men. Supported by her brother, Apache chief Victorio, and the other chiefs, Lozen proves her mettle as a soldier, reconnaissance scout, and peerless military strategist.

Rafe Collins is a young adventurer and veteran of the Mexican War. On a dangerous journey between El Paso and Santa Fe, he builds an unlikely but enduring rapport with the Warm Springs Apaches. When his bond to Lozen goes far beyond friendship, he must undertake a perilous course that will change his life forever.

For more than a century, Apaches have kept alive the memory of Lozen. A valiant warrior and revered shaman, she fought alongside Geronimo, Cochise, and Victorio, holding out against the armies of both the United States and Mexico. Ghost Warrior is a rich and powerful frontier tale filled with unforgettable characters.

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Rafe hated the idea of dying while defending a wagonload of lime, but the pay was good. One of the new posts was Fort Bascom. In the sort of irony lost on the army, the starched-collars in Washington named it after George Bascom, the lieutenant who had bungled negotiations with Cochise about ten years earlier and started the warfare that consumed them all still. Maybe it’s fitting, Rafe thought. Bascom had been responsible for providing a living for thousands of soldiers, and in many cases, a

Mary called Joe Felmer by the name Apaches gave blacksmiths, pesh-chidin, ghost or spirit or devil of the iron, but that was just the latest of his identities. He did have a devilish look. He was tall and gaunt, with black hair, a single black eyebrow hovering like a storm cloud above his keel of a nose, and a luxuriant mustache. His dark eyes had a fire at their centers as intense as any he stoked in his forge. He told a different story whenever the subject of his past came up. Rafe knew he was

her people, but the bad behavior of the Pale Eyes and her own spirits made that promise hard to keep. Chapter 48 SLINGS AND ARROWS As the light snow drifted around her, Lozen stood near the pool where the other women were bathing. Steam rose from the surface of it. She pulled off her moccasins. She put her bead necklaces and her small bag of pollen inside them. Holding her blanket in front of her with one hand, she struggled out of her dusty tunic and skirt. She slid into the pool, leaving

wide strap, a surcingle, around his middle. They snubbed him, trembling and wild eyed, to one of the posts set in a line and went back for another horse. Sister held out some sugar in the palm of her hand and murmured to him. He eyed her with suspicion. “Is that the one you’re going to ride?” Cousin asked Morning Star. “No.” Ndee usually waited for others to explain themselves if and when they wanted to, but this was different. This involved wagering. “Which one are you going to ride?”

to you as we ride.” “Will you and your people come with us, Western?” Rafe had to ask, although he knew that Western would be all right here. No one ever troubled her, at least not more than once. “No, but I thank you kindly for inquiring. I figure the United States Army will rout this rabble, and Albert and I will return to Fort Yuma with them quicker’n an earthquake wakes weasels.” “Why do you want to go back to Yuma?” “It has its charms.” Rafe had carried a load of flour and bacon to Fort

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