George Lucas's Blockbusting: A Decade-by-Decade Survey of Timeless Movies Including Untold Secrets of Their Financial and Cultural Success

George Lucas's Blockbusting: A Decade-by-Decade Survey of Timeless Movies Including Untold Secrets of Their Financial and Cultural Success

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A comprehensive look at 300 of the most financially and/or critically successful motion pictures of all time—many made despite seemingly insurmountable economic, cultural, and political challenges—set against the prevailing production, distribution, exhibition, marketing, and technology trends of each decade in movie business history.

The Princess Bride

Inside the "Wicker Man": How Not to Make a Cult Classic

Allegorical Images: Tableau, Time and Gesture in the Cinema of Werner Schroeter

Chromatic Cinema: A History of Screen Color















though he believed it impossible. Colbert reluctantly agreed to do the project if Columbia would pay her $50,000, double her fee at Paramount, which made her the highest-paid cast member. Capra was one of Hollywood’s most efficient filmmakers and was able to finish before Colbert’s deadline. DISTRIBUTION: It Happened One Night opened to favorable but not rave reviews and modest business. It was voted one of the 10 Best Pictures of 1934 by Film Daily. Then people discovered Capra’s comedy,

GREEN, HOLLYWOOD DYNASTIES We have no obligation to make a statement. But to make money, it is often important to make history, to make art or to make some significant statement. —MICHAEL EISNER IN A 1980S MEMO TO HIS STAFF Paramount Perfects the High-Concept Movie From 1974 until 1984, Paramount Pictures had stable management under chairman Barry Diller and president Michael Eisner and was consistently at or near the top of the list among major studios competing for box office market

heard James Earl Jones’s dubbed revelation that Vader was Luke’s father when they watched the film in theaters with everyone else. Lucas’s heavy financial risks were ultimately rewarded when the film went on to gross more than $538 million worldwide. One negative occurred when Lucas became briefly embroiled in a dispute with both the WGA and DGA over his film’s unorthodox credits, which appear only at the end. Lucas begrudgingly settled with the two guilds to protect Kasdan and Kershner, and then

she finds her self-worth and evolves over the next thirty years. PRODUCTION: Alice Walker spent a year writing her Pulitzer Prize–winning novel, The Color Purple, during a period of turmoil in her personal life (when she got divorced, left New York, and lived in a cottage while writing and taking care of her child). Walker wanted to honor the struggles of early twentieth-century African Americans (including her parents and grandparents). When the novel was published in 1982, there was a

former U.S. agriculture secretary during the Clinton administration. The MPAA’s members include Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc., 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation, NBC Universal, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. * * * As the strategy at the studios shifted toward putting more and more resources into fewer and fewer hugely expensive tent-pole movies in a quest to find the next blockbuster franchise, salaries and profit

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