Geo-Data: The World Geographical Encyclopedia

Geo-Data: The World Geographical Encyclopedia

John McCoy

Language: English

Pages: 717

ISBN: 2:00190748

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The first new edition since 1989 of Geo-Data, formerly edited by George Kurian, is a splendid example of what a reference book can be. Its purpose is to provide the reader with the most detailed and comprehensive description available of the physical geography of the countries of the world. It achieves this purpose in an easy-to-use alphabetical arrangement for all of the world's 207 countries and dependencies. Each entry begins with the key facts about that country including longest rivers and highest mountains and other key statistics. All place-names and geographical features such as mountains and lakes have been listed in the most easily recognized versions of their names.

Entries adhere to the same basic structure with key facts followed by overall geography and geology; then mountains and hills; inland waterways, coasts and oceans; climate and vegetation; human population; natural resources; and finally further readings. This information is enhanced by a relief map of the country that is both clear and easy to read. Additional features of the volume include an extensive index plus 19 tables of world rankings and a glossary. The glossary is perhaps the weakest feature, as it could have been more extensive.

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land along their river deltas and fertile coastal plains. ■ Area: 7,054 sq mi (18,270 sq km) / World Rank: 154 MOUNTAINS AND HILLS ■ Location: Southern, Eastern, and Western Hemispheres, in the South Pacific Ocean, north of New Zealand Fiji’s largest island, Viti Levu, has a central mountain range dividing it down the middle with some peaks rising higher than 3,000 ft (914 m), including Fiji’s highest mountain, Mt. Tomaniivi (4,344 ft / 1,324 m). The mountain system includes the picturesque

2.8 mi (3.5 km) of ice. ■ Natural Hazards: Extreme cold; blizzards; cyclones; volcanoes; icebergs; high radiation due to ozone depletion ■ Population: No indigenous population; numbers of scientists and other research personnel from nearly 30 nations range seasonally from 1,000 to 4,000 or more. / World Rank: 207 ■ Capital City: None ■ Largest City: McMurdo Station, in East Antarctica, summer population estimated at 1,200; winter, 250. OVERVIEW The continent of Antarctica is almost entirely

er Mt. Kosciusko 7,310 ft. (2,228 m) p s Melbourne INDIAN OCEAN A u s t r a li a n Al Port Phillip Bay Bass Strait 110°E 120°E Australia International border Peak 0 0 200 200 400 mi. Tasman Sea 400 km National capital Other city PA C I F I C OCEAN 40°S Hobart Ç 2003 The Gale Group, Inc. 130°E exist as part of the Western Plateau. Running north-south through the Eastern Highlands, the Great Dividing Range is significant more for the drainage patterns it creates than its

and is evenly spread out over the year. The elevated Ardennes region can receive as much as 55 in (140 cm) of rain annually. Grasslands Outside of the Ardennes region, most of Belgium is flat, well watered, and agriculturally suitable land, although much of it is now urbanized. These lowlands are part of the Great European Plain stretching across much of the continent. The western part of the Belgian lowlands is occupied by Flanders, which can be divided into two regions. Maritime Flanders,

POPULATION ESTIMATES Name Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia Ontario Prince Edward Island Quebec Saskatchewan Northwest Territories Nunavut Territory Yukon Territory SOURCE: Population Area (sq mi) Area (sq km) Capital 3,064,249 248,800 644,390 Edmonton 4,095,934 1,150,034 757,077 358,971 211,723 2,834 929,730 548,360 72,090 Victoria Winnipeg Fredericton 533,761 942,691 11,874,436 145,510 20,402 344,090 371,690 52,840 891,190

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