Fuse: Making Sense of the New Cogenerational WorkplaceTM

Fuse: Making Sense of the New Cogenerational WorkplaceTM

Jim Finkelstein

Language: English

Pages: 229


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For employees and business leaders ages eighteen to eighty, a manual to building a team that's electrified by cogenerational collaboration

There's no doubt that the differences between employees fresh out of school and their more seasoned counterparts are vast. Fuse will show you how to create a mashup that fuses the experience and command of Boomers with the technosmart and boundaryless thought of Millennials, getting you and your organization ahead.

Jim Finkelstein helps you find the fusions--the places of fertile cooperation--that lead to an exhilarating, respectful, and fun work experience. Backed by extensive research and written by a cogenerational team, Fuse offers realworld solutions to common concerns and friction points: How can an older company draw in the hottest new talent? How can a recent grad thrive in an environment she perceives as steeped in cronyism?

As he answers these questions and more, Finkelstein colors his message with plenty of tips, anecdotes, and quotes, delivering a compelling vision of how workers can capture the energy wasted by generational divisiveness to cogenerate more productivity and satisfaction in the workplace than ever before.

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generations. Most workers’ real wages have been stagnant since the turn of the twenty-first century, and the gap between productivity growth and workers’ wages is at a historically high level. The inflation-adjusted earnings of new college grads have fallen dramatically. Millennials’ entry into the workforce has coincided with rapid increases in key living costs. Education, housing, and healthcare costs have increased rapidly over the last decade. Rents have gone up 50 percent in major

world in different ways and bring different experience and skills to the table. Lassoing those skills to get that bronco moving forward with all of its energy intact is the goal. It’s like any other relationship issue: If you ignore it, the relationship will fail. As research scientist Jennifer Deal notes, “The so-called generation gap is, in large part, the result of miscommunication and misunderstanding, fueled by common insecurities and the desire for clout.”5 1. You can have it all.

conflicts with written or implied promises they make concerning the length of employment or grounds for termination. Almost all employees are at-will employees. Translation: If your employer decides to let you go, that’s the end of your job—and you have very limited legal rights to fight it. Equal Employment Opportunity Equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws require that all employment decisions—hiring, promotion, transfer, compensation, benefits, discipline, termination—have to be made

the career ladder, you’ll likely need a good reference from each job for a few more years. But no matter your age, good references go a long way. Here are a handful of golden rules for leaving with relationships intact—no matter how tempted you get to slash and burn: Don’t tell off your boss or coworkers, even if they deserve it. When you leave a job, you might be ticked off—especially if you’re leaving on less than optimal terms. You may want to tell people—including your boss—what you

some ways Millennial-friendly companies attract and retain talent. As you read through them, you’ll also get a perspective on how Boomers view the same issues. It All Starts with the First Sentence of the Job Description A Millennial won’t read past the first sentence of a job description unless it hooks her. If the first line doesn’t explain why the organization is great and how it is making a difference in the community, city, county, state, country, world, or universe, chances are the

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