First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS, Fourth Edition (First Aid USMLE)

First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS, Fourth Edition (First Aid USMLE)

Tao Le, Vikas Bhushan, Mae Sheikh-Ali, Fadi Abu Shahin

Language: English

Pages: 459

ISBN: 0071760504

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Trust the #1 selling USMLE Step 2 CS review book for the most thorough, score-boosting exam preparation possible!

A Doody's Core Title for 2011!

The best USMLE Step 2 CS review got just got even better! The third edition of First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS has been updated based on feedback from US and international medical student test takers. This student-to-student guide thoroughly prepares you for frequently tested cases, including telephone exams, to ensure CS success.

  • 40 full-length practice cases that simulate the real exam – including all new pediatric and telephone interviews as well as suggested closing statements for each case
  • A revised and expanded set of minicases representing common complaints designed to help you rapidly develop a set of differential diagnoses
  • Time management advice to maximize your clinical encounters
  • Step-by-step strategies for interacting with standardized patients, including “difficult patients”
  • Detailed descriptions of high-yield physical exam maneuvers that will win you points without costing time
  • Proven study and exam strategies from students who passed

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headaches.” “When do your headaches start?” “How often do you get them?” “When your headache starts, how long does it last?” “Can you show me exactly where you feel the headache?” “What causes the headache to start?” “Do you have headaches at certain times of the day?” “Do your headaches wake you up at night?” “What makes the headache worse?” “What makes it better?” “Can you describe the headache for me, please? Is it sharp, dull, pulsating, pounding, or pressure-like?” “Do you notice any change

lasted for 5–10 minutes, and disappeared spontaneously or after taking antacids. ROS: Negative except as above. Allergies: NKDA. Medications: Maalox, diuretic. PMH: Hypertension for 5 years, treated with a diuretic. High cholesterol, managed with diet. GERD 10 years ago, treated with antacids. SH: One PPD for 25 years; stopped 3 months ago. Occasional EtOH, occasional cocaine (last used yesterday afternoon). No regular exercise; poorly adherent to diet. FH: Father died of lung cancer at age 72.

cytology: PRACTIC E CASES 159 CASE 11 DOORWAY INFORMATION Opening Scenario Gail Abbott, a 52-year-old female, comes to the office complaining of yellow eyes and skin. Vital Signs BP: 130/80 mmHg Temp: 98.3°F (36.8°C) RR: 15/minute HR: 70/minute, regular Examinee Tasks 1. 2. 3. 4. Take a focused history. Perform a focused physical exam (do not perform rectal, genitourinary, or female breast exam). Explain your clinical impression and workup plan to the patient. Write the patient note after

The test makes use of standardized patients, or SPs, all of whom are laypeople who have been extensively trained to simulate various clinical problems. SPs give the same responses to all candidates participating in the assessment. When you take the Step 2 CS, you will see 10 to 12 SPs, but cases will be mixed in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, organ system, and discipline. For quality assurance purposes, a video camera will record all clinical encounters, but the resulting videotapes will not be

thoroughly studying common cases and medical conditions (see Sections III and IV), you can go a long way toward overcoming this obstacle. If you are still unsure about your mastery of English and would like to see if you have achieved the level of proficiency required to pass the Step 2 CS, the ECFMG suggests that you take the Test of Spoken English (TSE). If you score higher than 35 on this exam, you have probably attained the English proficiency level necessary for the Step 2 CS. In addition,

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