Fire And Sword: Keys Of Power #2

Fire And Sword: Keys Of Power #2

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0756401755

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the second novel of this exciting trilogy, Lynan, the youngest prince, begins to gather an army, vowing to drive his homeland into civil war. In the meantime, his half-sister Areava has been crowned queen of Grenda Lear. The only thing they can both be certain of is that there will be a reckoning between them-one that will threaten all of Grenda Lear...

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blow to British interests. The decision to hold a conference at Bayonne had been made some months before the crisis in Madrid occurred. For a long time Napoleon had intended to assemble his family to explain what he required of them. The purpose of awarding them the lands and titles he had bestowed on them was to provide a close-knit dynasty that would bind Europe together. As it was, some of his brothers were taking their status as rulers a little too much to heart and acting with a degree of

if he refused it would only cause further ill will between him and his superior. He nodded, and took the pen offered to him by General Kellermann.Then the French officer slid the documents across the table and indicated the space beneath his own signature. Arthur dipped the nib in the ink, composed his hand and signed his name with neat, deliberate strokes. When he had finished he laid the pen down and sat back as the documents were whisked away. Kellermann handed one to Dalrymple and folded the

Lucien conceded. ‘Talleyrand has not made any more comments about your policy in Spain, or any form of criticism. The same goes for Fouché, who has even refused to be seen in the same room as Talleyrand for fear of being associated with him. People are being very careful about what they say in public at the moment. I think you can rest easy.’ ‘Good.’ ‘The thing is, I still don’t see why you don’t at least have them quietly sent into exile. They are dangerous men and should not go unpunished.’

that William was right. The plain fact of it was that no man ever rose to prominence purely by his own efforts and abilities. It seemed that to become a successful general one must also become something of a successful politician as well. He nodded. ‘Very well, I’ll come.’ William had arranged for the meeting to take place in a private dining room in one of the gentlemen’s clubs off Park Lane. Crauford’s was a club favoured by clients with an interest in card games, and when Arthur entered on

continuing in a low, flat tone. ‘I can see there is no point in prolonging this discussion, Richard. I’ll leave you to enjoy your misery, then. Meanwhile, you may rest assured that at least William and I will be defending the honour of our family name. Perhaps, when you come to your senses, you might join us. I bid you good day.’ So saying, he rose from his chair, and strode across the room, leaving Richard to stare after him with a surprised and pained expression. Once Arthur became the new

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