Finders Keepers: The Story of a Man Who Found $1 Million

Finders Keepers: The Story of a Man Who Found $1 Million

Mark Bowden

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 087113859X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Following best-selling and award-winning books such as Black Hawk Down and Killing Pablo, Mark Bowden has won widespread acclaim for his ability to report true-life events in riveting detail, with a singular eye for human drama. Now Finders Keepers recounts a mystery that captivated the city of Philadelphia when $1 million went missing. Hard times had left Joey Coyle -- a likable longshoreman from the close-knit working-class neighborhood of South Philadelphia -- living with his ailing mother and struggling to support a drug habit. One afternoon, Coyle was on his way to score drugs when, just blocks from his home, he found two curious yellow containers lying in the street. As it turned out, they had just fallen off the back of an armored van, and they contained $1 million in unmarked money from a casino. From the moment the cash disappeared, Detective Pat Laurenzi, with the help of the FBI, worked around the clock to find it. As the story exploded onto the front pages, the entire city was swept up in the hunt. Joey Coyle, meanwhile, shared the money with everyone from his girlfriend to complete strangers to the neighborhood's most notorious mob boss, who allegedly helped launder it. Coyle would live his next week in a drug-fueled whirlwind, planning his future as a rich man even as he grew terrified that he was about to be captured, even killed. Finders Keepers is the remarkable tale of an ordinary man faced with an extraordinary moral dilemma, and the fascinating reactions -- from complicity to concern to betrayal -- of the friends and neighbors to whom he turns. Loaded with intrigue and suspense, this is a gripping new book from a versatile and evocative chronicler of American life.

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him a cup of coffee. “No, thanks,” he said. “I got to go.” He was moving around the room, looking out the windows and down the street. “What’s wrong, Joey?” Ellen asked. “Nothing, nothing. Everything is all right.” He said good-bye and walked out the door. DAY TWO Friday February 27, 1981 1 And who hasn’t dreamed of finding or winning or inheriting a million dollars? It might be argued that the Purolator Armored Car Co.’s misfortune was hardly as important to the lives and wellbeing of

purchased a round-trip ticket to Acapulco from JFK Airport in New York, due to depart the following morning. That information had been sent to FBI headquarters in New York City, along with a thorough description of Coyle. FBI Special Agent Walter F. Yoos and his partner, Agent James J. Malley, had had to look twice when Joe stepped up to the ticket counter. The man they were looking for was supposed to have a mustache and dirty-blond hair. This fellow was dressed in a new tan sport coat and tan

found this money?” “Yes.” Not long after that, Casey rested his case. With the judge’s help, Kane had run circles around him. The trial adjourned for the weekend. On Monday, the defense attorney would present Joey’s case. 5 Frank Santos took the stand first on Monday. He might just as easily have been called as a witness for the prosecution, given that he had spent several days trying to help Joey flee the country with the fraction of the money he had left. But once Frank got started it was

getting the money. He wasn’t sure whether he should give the money back. He was very confused as to whether he was doing something criminal or not.” Casey tried to plant some doubt about Levitt’s testing methods, but the phychologist left the stand having made the desired impression on the jury. Next, Kane called Dr. Kenneth Kool, the psychiatrist who had examined Joey soon after his arrest. Kool offered much the same opinion as Levitt. “I see this as a psychiatric case, not a criminal case,” he

before you go and look for a mental disease that can’t be tested scientifically, would that be fair to say?” Kool said that taking such steps would have been ideal, but that they are not always followed in practice. “So that I understand your definition, would you agree with the following symptoms of mania,” asked Casey, and he began to read a list of symptoms associated with meth use. “Marked euphoria, enhanced physical strength and mental capacity, the individual would need little sleep or

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