Fatal Fortune: A Psychic Eye Mystery

Fatal Fortune: A Psychic Eye Mystery

Victoria Laurie

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0451469259

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fans of Harper Connelly and TV’s Medium will love the psychic detective in this New York Times bestselling series….

Abby Cooper can’t believe her eyes after the police show her surveillance video of her best friend and business partner, Candice Fusco, shooting a man in cold blood. And when the cops tell her they think the victim has ties to the Mob—and perhaps Candice does too—Abby can’t believe her ears. Surely there is a logical explanation. But Candice is nowhere to be found.

Trusting her intuition, Abby decides to search for the truth in Vegas—which may be the biggest gamble of her life. Once in town she begins to uncover a rigged game of dirty double-dealing where the stakes are no less than life and death. And if she’s not careful, Abby can forget about ever leaving Las Vegas...alive.

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explanation,” I insisted. “She left you a message, right?” he asked. I nodded. “Get your phone and let’s listen to it.” I bit my lip. “No,” I said. When Brice’s brow lowered to the danger zone, I added, “Brice, you have to trust me—it’s for your own good.” My boss tapped his finger on the counter impatiently and then he tried a different tack. “Fine, then at least tell us the gist of what she said, other than asking you to lock up her computer.” Brice’s tone was sharp. He wanted answers and he

we could figure out what kind of doctor he was,” I suggested. Dutch reached for his iPad. After a minute or two of tapping he said, “Robinowitz retired his practice in Palm Springs six months ago. The old site says he was a board-certified plastic surgeon.” “Why was he coming into Austin through Vegas?” I asked. “Connecting flight?” Brice suggested. Dutch shook his head, continuing to tap at the screen. “I don’t think so. Looks like he might’ve moved to Vegas four months ago. I found a condo

my foot anxiously as the elevator climbed its way up. “Should’ve taken the stairs,” I muttered. The second the doors opened, I squeezed through and rushed down the hallway to our suite. The corridor was dimly lit—the main lights wouldn’t come on for another two hours or so. Still, it was enough light to see by and I had no trouble getting in the door this time. The first thing I did was call out Candice’s name on the slim hope that she was there, hiding. I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket

you.” I leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Hey,” I said after straightening up. “Why don’t you let me take those things from you. They’re wet and getting you wet in the process.” Brice handed me Candice’s clothes dully, including her purse and her jewelry while he was at it. “I’m gonna stay here awhile,” he said. “I’ve gotta find out what the hell happened.” I blinked. The news of Candice’s accident had been so shocking that I hadn’t even thought to ask how Candice had ended up driving her car

all sorts of questionable stuff. At least, that’s the story Candice told me when she talked about Lenny, which was only once while we were out here and he nearly caused us to get killed. Lenny was a scum, but he was a pretty smooth-talking scum. He had this ability to get women to trust him. And after Candice, he moved on to someone who was a whole lot like her.” I turned the witness statement around so that Brice could read it. “Lenny’s wife?” “Michelle Fusco,” I said. “I remember an

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