Linda Castillo

Language: English

Pages: 388

ISBN: B004RD9E12

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Rife with action and passion," raved the Dallas Morning News about Linda Castillo's gripping novels of romantic suspense. With FADE TO RED, this New York Times bestselling author delivers a romantic thriller full of dark secrets and even darker passions . . .

After a childhood betrayal and tragedy, Lindsey Metcalf made a vow always to protect her younger sister, Traci. Although the two women have drifted apart, Lindsey's worst fears are triggered when Traci mysteriously disappears from her home in Seattle. After filing a missing persons report, she learns that her sister has been hiding a lurid double life. Having had her fair share of run-ins with the police, Traci isn't high on the department's list of priorities. And the only man able to help Lindsey find the truth has his own trouble with the law...

Set to go to trial for a brutal assault charge, ex-cop Michael Striker plays by his own rules. Facing conviction and a possible prison term, he's got nothing left to lose--except his final two weeks of freedom. The last thing he needs is complicationss--and nothing about this case, or Lindsey Metcalf, is simple.

Their search for the truth will plunge them into a seedy world darker than they ever imagined--a seductive trap waiting for its next victim.

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resemblance." His attention went to Striker. "What were you saying about Mr. Bledsoe? Something about his singing like a canary?" Striker said nothing, but Lindsey could feel the anger vibrating through him and into her. Cross turned to Bledsoe. "I think you would be doing the citizens of Seattle a huge favor if you went to the police and told them about Mr. Striker barging into your home, destroying your camera equipment, and assaulting you." He smiled at Striker. "Why don't you call them

retrieve the bottle of Cutty Sark from beneath the cabinet. His temper spiked when he realized he'd finished the bottle the night before. Snarling an expletive, he hurled it into the trash. He was aware of Lindsey watching him as he strode to his desk and snatched the e-ticket from the printer tray. He'd made the reservation the night before while she'd slept, on the outside chance that he would be able to talk her into returning to Ohio without her sister. He hadn't given it to her because he'd

sex appealed to him greatly, Nick figured the last thing he needed in his life was a woman. Especially a hooker—on the house or not. Nick was smart enough to know when he was better off alone, and this just happened to be one of those times. "I was actually wondering about the job, Mike. I saw the HELP WANTED sign out front." He rolled his shoulder. "I thought I might apply." Pequinot looked amused. "This dump's a pretty far cry from that highfalutin place you had yourself down in the Big

would simply cease to exist. Another vivid flash of pain wrenched a scream from her, long and shrill and animalistic. She bit down on the gag and screamed a second time in outrage and fury, cursing them with every cell of her body. She rode the agony, felt it tear through her like a thousand tiny blades wakening every nerve with a ferocity that left her breathless. She tried to deny the horror of what was happening. Tried to convince herself that the God she'd always known would never be so

time since Lindsey Metcalf had walked into his office, he got the feeling there was more going on than either of mem had considered. He leaned close to Jamie. "Are you afraid of someone? Is that what you're telling me?" "What the hell's going on here? " Jamie visibly jolted at the sound of Mason Treece's voice. Striker rose to his full height to see Treece stride through the door as if he were a lead actor walking onto a movie set. His hair was slicked back in a neat ponytail. His impeccably

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