Exploring Natural Mystery: Kamana One

Exploring Natural Mystery: Kamana One

Jon Young

Language: English

Pages: 306

ISBN: 1579940080

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Kamana One: Exploring Natural Mystery is our best selling home study course. Thousands have improved their awareness skills and knowledge of nature!

Kamana One embarks you on the Kamana journey and it only takes about a month to complete. It will bring you through two weeks of awareness exercises and six areas of ecological study using a field guide and inspiring audio narrated by Jon Young (see the two resources, below).

Kamana One is the beginning of our Kamana Naturalist Training Program--a four-level independent study program that covers the naturalist background needed to engage in the wilderness arts, including wildlife tracking, bird language, survival and native living skills, traditional herbalism, and naturalist mentoring. To learn more about the Kamana program, visit: http://wildernessawareness.org/kamana/

Kamana One uses two additional resources:

1) The Seeing Though Native Eyes (CD series) [not included in torrent] Please note: There are two editions of this CD set; this book uses the 2nd edition. Please visit http://bibliotik.org/torrents/116142 where user Smo has kindly uploaded this for us.

2) Readers Digest: North American Wildlife field guide (print book) [not included in torrent] Please note: As far as I can tell this is not available as an ebook from the publisher. If you have it in electronic format, please feel free to upload and leave a comment.

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not a source of discomfort for him, it is a sensation to be experienced. The birds are exciting, even starlings and crows. They feed him. He cannot even talk, but he knows how to be natural. You do too. What I am asking you to do is to simply allow the baby and child in you to remember how to be natural again. Please have no judgments and remember that “trying” is not necessary here. We are simply being natural in nature. The only reason we need “lessons” is to give us enough excuses to break the

slowly and look around the room. Remember to relax your eyes—it should not be a strain. After a few minutes of that, walk around the house while you’re still an Owl. Go on and have some fun! Make sure you leave enough time after this morning’s exercise Part Two: The Nature Awareness Trailhead 84 to sit, breathe and get ready for your day. Don’t ignore this! It’s important. Becoming the Owl will make you very, very empathetic to the things around you. If you don’t take the time to make the

allowed them to beat such odds for so long? The army had sent its best general in field tactics along with its best soldiers, who were armed with the army’s best artillery and their best horses. All of these forces were in pursuit of Geronimo, who was on foot with bows and arrows and only a handful of men, with their families hidden away to keep them out of danger’s path. The army had Comanches, and even some Apaches, to scout ahead of them in search of evidence of where Geronimo and his men had

picture, study the illustration on page 464. Turn back now to the picture that you drew. How does it compare? Are the leaves in your picture really “deeply toothed?” Are they really “clustered at the base?” Instead of changing the picture that you have drawn already, simply make some quick sketches in the spaces remaining next to your picture to show these things. If you find that you’ve already covered all of them in your picture, then good going once again! When doing this, use some colored

strange, my entire perspective on the world has improved, including my relationship with my family, friends, the world around me, and myself. The basics of what I have learned since being at Wilderness Awareness School are in turn contained for you here in this course. This book is just one piece of the greater whole. Have fun with it. I know that over the years this information has helped me a great deal. In fact, the way that you will be guided through the world of the animals, plants, trees,

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