Enyo: Up and Running

Enyo: Up and Running

Roy Sutton

Language: English

Pages: 73

ISBN: 1449343120

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Roy Sutton, "Enyo: Up and Running" English | ISBN: 1449343120 | 2013 | Publisher: O’Reilly Media | PDF | 74 pages | 5 + 1 MB

Learn how easy it is to design and build responsive, cross-platform apps with the Enyo open source JavaScript framework. With this hands-on book, Enyo contributor Roy Sutton shows you how to get started with the framework’s core object-oriented features, including its modular design, reusable and extensible components, layout and widget libraries, easy-to-use deployment options, and support for HTML5 standards.

Before you know it, you’ll be writing native-quality apps that work equally well on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Are you familiar with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript? Then you’re ready for Enyo.
Start with a sample project to get the feel of Enyo right away
Learn about Enyo’s "kinds" (component building blocks), encapsulation, inheritance, and other core features
Design compelling and responsive apps with Enyo’s layout strategies and Layout library
Use existing components to create new components
Build unique user interfaces with the Onyx library and widget set
Explore the community gallery to find and share reusable components
Tackle debugging, performance tuning, and globalization
Package your app for web, desktop, and mobile targets, using Bootplate, AppUp, and PhoneGap

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the simplest ways to get started with deploying mobile apps is to use Adobe PhoneGap Build. PhoneGap Build is a web-based tool for packaging cross-platform JavaScript apps. Among other things, it allows you to create installable apps for multiple targets quickly and easily. After registering, you can pull projects directly from GitHub or, for private (as opposed to public, open source) projects, upload a .zip file. It is very easy to zip the contents of the deploy/bootplate directory and upload

fast-forward to a point just after you finish reading this book. We’re going to imagine you work for a software com‐ pany that produces apps for customers. A New Project Your boss just came and told you that he needs a light implemented in JavaScript right away. He tells you that your company’s best client needs to be able to embed a light app on their web page and it must work cross-platform. Fortunately, you’ve just finished reading this book and are excited to use Enyo on a project. You

can access the functions and data of your kind’s instance. In your tap handler, you used the partner to the “set” method of published properties, “get”, to retrieve the current value of the powered property and toggle it. In the power edChanged() function, you apply a little opacity to the light to give it a nice look when it’s powered off. You update the TrafficLight kind, give it a quick test in the browser, and verify that everything looks good. The E-mail Just after you commit the latest

55 Table of Contents | v Preface HTML5 technologies hold the promise of providing compelling user experiences through the web browser. The Web has evolved as a platform for delivering content to users regardless of the operating system their computers (or smartphones and tablets) use. As users spend more time on the Web, they not only expect to receive content but also perform the actions of their daily lives. The Web is evolving from static pages to true web applications. Enyo is a

expand: function(inSender, inEvent) { this.$.Expander.applyStyle("width", Math.floor(inSender.value) + "px"); }, done: function() { this.$.Expander.setContent("Change-O"); } }); new Expando().renderInto(document.body); Try it out: jsFiddle. Ajax and JsonpRequest are both objects that facilitate performing web requests. It is worth noting that they are objects and not components. Because they are not compo‐ nents they cannot be included in the components block of a kind definition. We can write

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