English Grammar Workbook For Dummies

English Grammar Workbook For Dummies

Geraldine Woods

Language: English

Pages: 312

ISBN: 0470930705

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Get some good grammar practice-and start speaking and writing well

Good grammar is important, whether you want to advance your career, boost your GPA, or increase your SAT or ACT score. Practice is the key to improving your grammar skills, and that's what this workbook is all about. Honing speaking and writing skills through continued practice translates into everyday situations, such as writing papers, giving presentations, and communicating effectively in the workplace or classroom.

In English Grammar Workbook For Dummies you'll find hundreds of fun problems to help build your grammar muscles. Just turn to a topic you need help with-from punctuation and pronouns to possessives and parallel structure-and get out your pencil. With just a little practice every day, you'll be speaking correctly, writing confidently, and getting the recognition you deserve at work or at school.

  • Hundreds of practice exercises and helpful explanations
  • Explanations mirror teaching methods and classroom protocols
  • Focused, modular content presented in step-by-step lessons

English Grammar Workbook For Dummies will empower you to structure sentences correctly, make subject and verbs agree, and use tricky punctuation marks such as commas, semicolons, and apostrophes without fear.

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majoring in navel repair. A. Belly Buttons Are We, University of Southeast Hogwash. The name of the company is capitalized, as is the name of the school. The year of study (senior) isn’t capitalized, nor is the major. 21. After extensive research, the united nose ring company has determined that most college freshmen prefer silver rings. 22. The spokesperson for the Company commented that “silver rocks their world.” 23. “I wore a gold ring to the curriculum critique committee last semester,”

of the teacher isn’t given, just the term teacher, which should be lowercased. 3 When a quotation is written without a speaker tag, the first word isn’t capitalized. 4 Areas of the country are capitalized. 5 Academic degrees take lowercase. 6 School subjects are written in lowercase. 7 School years are in lowercase too. 8 Job titles, when they aren’t attached to the beginning of a name, are in lowercase. Part III The Pickier Points of Correct Verb and Pronoun Use W In this part

the verb may blow, so she does the job. ? her. The verb give needs the object her. Chapter 11 Choosing the Best Pronoun for a Tricky Sentence In This Chapter ᮣ Matching possessive pronouns with everyone, several, and other pronouns ᮣ Referring to companies and organizations with pronouns ᮣ Pairing who, which, and that with verbs ᮣ Avoiding vague pronoun references H ave you figured out that pronouns are the most annoying part of speech in the entire universe? Pronouns are the words that

remark refers to something that doesn’t change. Guar gum doesn’t appear in dairy products unless someone’s been tampering with Mother Nature. Present tense works for an unchangeable fact. E is. Math doesn’t change, so present tense is appropriate here. F is. Peanut butter is always made from nuts; the definition can’t change, so present tense is best here. Chapter 12: Traveling in Time: Tricky Verb-Tense Situations G have. What do strawberries have now? Press conferences? Because

condition-contrary-to-fact sentence needs the subjunctive. J demonstrate. The verb requires tips you off to the fact that subjunctive is appropriate for the indirect command. 173 174 Part III: The Pickier Points of Correct Verb and Pronoun Use Progress Report: Coffee Break Control From: Ms. Bell, Coffee Break Coordinator To: Ms. Schwartz, Department Head Re: Coffee Break Control 36 July 31, 2006 37 As you know, I were am now in charge of implementing the new directive 38 that every

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