England (Modern World Nations)

England (Modern World Nations)

Alan Allport, George Wingfield

Language: English

Pages: 129

ISBN: 0791095142

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England: Detailed exploration of the people, culture, history, geography, environment, economy, and government of this enduring nation.

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with the appointment of Greater London’s first directly elected mayor, Ken Livingstone. 71 72 England In 2000, Ken Livingstone (right) was appointed the first mayor of London and was reelected to the post in 2004. The former Labour Party member is pictured here with Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, the duke of Edinburgh, during the opening of London’s new City Hall in 2002. Government and Politics Political Reform? As illustrated, the British constitution is a

and bands continue to do very well abroad, especially in the vital American market. In 2005 and 2006, the Rolling Stones still led the annual list of the U.S. music world’s top moneymakers, as published by Forbes magazine; in 2006, 83 84 England they earned $150.6 million. So Mick Jagger and his bandmates are still helping to support Britain’s balance of trade, although many other groups and singers from England can be said to have contributed to this vital export. Transportation and Trade

experienced in all advanced industrial nations, and that in practice there is little that society can do about them. Although there is much alarmism in the national media about the imminent “collapse of civilization,” England remains a largely peaceful, law-abiding country with a surprisingly resilient respect for older social customs. Until 1918, women in England were denied the right to vote (something that was challenged by an extremely noisy and often violent “Suffragette” movement) and had

Bonfire Night, as it is sometimes known. It is held every November 5, although it is not a public holiday. This is the celebration of the foiling of a plot to murder the Protestant king James I and his Members of Parliament in 1605. Roman Catholic conspirators hired an assassin, Guy Fawkes, to hide barrels of gunpowder in the cellar under the House of Lords and detonate these during the formal opening of Parliament. Fortunately for the king and his nobles, the plot was uncovered and Guy Fawkes

ends with loss of most of English royal lands in France. 117 1455–1485 War of the Roses between the houses of York and Lancaster; ends with the death of the Yorkist Richard III at Battle of Bosworth Field and ascent of Henry VII of the House of Tudor. 1533 Henry VIII breaks with Rome and founds the Church of England. 1539 Dissolution of the monasteries. 1558–1603 Reign of Elizabeth I, seen as a golden age of literature and exploration; also the rise

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