Encyclopedia of Homeopathy

Encyclopedia of Homeopathy

Andrew Lockie

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0789456338

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Homeopathy, with its "less is more" approach to using medicine, is proving to be among the most effective forms of alternative medicine. Its ever-growing popularity has newcomers and experts alike searching for the ultimate guide to understanding and using homeopathy. With this Encyclopedia of Homeopathy, that search is over. This authoritative volume combines a comprehensive explanation of the key theories and methods of practice with a meticulously researched reference section that details more than 320 remedies. Special features include a unique Materia Medica and a practical family guide. A beautifully illustrated Materia Medica section provides a full profile of each remedy, including its origin, historical and medicinal background, and preparation. It describes the principal physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms associated with finding the right remedy. In addition, a special section on serious ailments outlines how a professional homeopath approaches major health concerns. Self-Help remedies are recommended for over 100 common ailments, such as colic in babies, premenstrual tension, insomnia, and sciatica. Carefully devised checklists for both physical and mental symptoms make accurate self-assessment easier than ever before. Comprehensive, practical, and easily accessible, the Encyclopedia of Homeopathy offers essential information and practical guidance for everyone wishing to explore the healing properties and uses of this unique system of medicine.

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The nervous system is the human body’s central command center. It receives and evaluates stimuli from inside and outside the body, and issues directives to tissues and organs in response to these stimuli. It consists of the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. How the system works The central nervous system—the brain and spinal cord—receives information from all over the body. This information takes the form of electrical impulses that are transmitted along a nerve

bright-orange flowers of this lily appear in late summer and early fall. Depression A sense of despair and need for religious salvation is characteristic in people who need Lilium. They are easily offended and feel that people are deliberately annoying them. They may have a fear of developing an incurable disease and look for a reason to grieve. SYMPTOMS Symptoms better For being occupied; for company. Symptoms worse For sympathy; after a miscarriage or menstruation. Urinary disorders

deserve the very best of everything. If this is denied them, they may become rather arrogant and depressed. Weeping may bring relief. Curiously, objects often appear to these people to be smaller than they actually are. Platina suits those with alternating emotional and physical symptoms. Any pain increases and decreases slowly. Secretions such as menstrual blood and tears tend to be sticky. The libido is often high. Platina is used for sexual and menstrual problems in women, and nervous-system

or even collapse in people who are allergic to its poison. S O U R C E D E TA I L S ORIGIN Made from the native European honey bee, which can today be found throughout Europe and in Canada, the US, and many other countries. BACKGROUND Bee-derived substances such as beeswax and honey have long been used in many medicinal traditions, including ancient Greek, Western, Chinese, and Unani. P R E PA R AT I O N The remedy is made from the whole female bee, including the stinger, or from the stinger

an injury, an operation, or hemorrhaging. Severe burning pains and tenderness in the stomach can also be treated using Acetic ac., if they are accompanied by symptoms such as sour-tasting belches, vomiting, and MINOR REMEDIES profuse salivation, or by the classic debilitation symptoms. Symptoms better For lying on the stomach; for belching; for potatoes. Symptoms worse In the morning; for movement; for overexertion; for lying on the back; for bread and butter; for vegetables; for cold drinks;

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