Empire [UK] (July 2015)

Empire [UK] (July 2015)

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London Hotel, clad in boots, jeans and a blue check shirt, his amiability, endearing modesty and innate gentility betray his Deep South roots. The phrase “y’all” comes easily to him, and he asks Empire to excuse his French before uttering the words “whup ass”. In 2016, Tatum joins the X-Men as Gambit, with an origin story spin-off to follow. He will also star as a Hollywood hoofer in the Coen brothers’ ’50s-set musical Hail, Caesar! later this year. And this month, he returns as stripper ‘Magic’

the show’s creator and writer Doug Ellin, the film finds the gang — movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), big brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon), manager Eric (Kevin Connolly) and driver/assistant/whatever Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) — back in town and back in business, attempting to get a movie made while navigating the sharkinfested showbiz waters. Naturally, cell-phone-smashing super-agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is in the mix, as are a host of famous folk playing amped-up, douchey versions of

convention. Minion rating ★★★ THE MINI MINIONS THE SNOWBABIES As seen in Frozen Fever (2015) What are they? An army of small snowmen. Characteristics: Tiny, mischievous, dedicated to causing chaos. Do they speak? They burble. EVER SINCE DESPICABLE ME, THE BOUNCY MINIONS — NOW THE STARS OF THEIR OWN FILM — HAVE HAD A HUGE IMPACT ON OTHER ANIMATED FILMS, WITH MINION-A-LIKES POPPING UP ALMOST EVERYWHERE. TO WIT... Are they yellow? No. White as snow. If they’re yellow, don’t lick them. Minion

of Depp’s ’90s TV show, and the nature of his cameo — he’s near-unrecognisable for ages, then it’s revealed he’s playing Tom Hanson, his TV character, then he dies horribly — is deliciously subversive. ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (1932) More gonzo human/ animal hybridisation in this classic take on H. G. Wells’ The Island Of Dr. Moreau. Do not, repeat not, watch the Marlon THE FAST SHOW Depp finally got a chance to work with hero Paul Whitehouse in a Suits You sketch on the BBC comedy. Depp looks

start-up costs are likely at least another $15k. stepped it up last year with an elaborate Back To The Future event that involved building a replica of Hill Valley in East London, close to the Olympic Park, which was announced in advance. Riggall promises that The Empire Strikes Back will be the “the most ambitious and dreamlike” event yet. For £75, it better be. £75? Are they going to encase the audience in carbonite? Probably not. Find out from June 4. Tickets are available from

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