Ember's Kiss: A Dragonfire Novel

Ember's Kiss: A Dragonfire Novel

Deborah Cooke

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0451238257

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


For centuries, the shape-shifting dragon warriors known as the Pyr have hidden themselves from mankind, defending the earth’s treasures in secrecy. But as the final reckoning with the Slayers—who are determined to eradicate both humans and the Pyr who protect them—heats up, even the most ancient secrets will be revealed.…

Brandon Merrick is determined to banish his shifter nature forever. The charismatic tattooed surfer is on the cusp of the ultimate challenge—to prove himself on the whitecaps of Hawaii and secure his future as a pro surfer. But his dragon isn’t prepared to be tamed so easily....

One look at marine biologist Liz Barrett ignites the spark of a firestorm: Liz is his destined mate and his chance for happiness. While Brandon sees their first night together as just the beginning, his dragon seizes the upper hand. Awakening in the company of a raging dragon challenges Liz’s ability to believe her own eyes. Can Brandon accept his inner beast in time to make it work with Liz?

Neither one realizes Brandon is caught in an ancient Slayer’s scheme to enslave him. When the deadly plot ignites, the very island will be at risk...and Brandon and his mate could be the ultimate sacrifice.

Exotic Affairs

The Ideal Man

Jeremy Poldark (Poldark, Book 3)

All Because of You (Lakeview, Book 2)

On Little Wings


















scale. “Fire,” Quinn repeated with satisfaction. “And earth in the jet.” “Air,” Erik commanded, and Liz blew on the cooling scale impulsively. She felt Brandon tremble beneath her touch and knew the repair had hurt. “Water,” Sloane added, and Liz glanced up. She saw the tear on Brandon’s cheek and lifted it with her fingertip, touching it to the repaired scale. It sizzled on contact, emitting a puff of steam, and he shook from nose to tail in relief. Liz reached up to kiss him, proud of what

change back? Or would the monster inside own him forever? It was going to ruin everything! What had changed? Was it the eclipse? The firestorm? The exposed spots on his skin, where he had removed scales to compensate Chen, burned as if they were on fire. What had happened to him? Why was his dragon so strong? Matt had flung the Dragon Bone Powder into the wind, making trouble in response to Brandon’s winning of Liz’s attention. He could be childish like that, but this time Matt hadn’t had any

well, and her body responded to his touch as surely as it had that first time. She still couldn’t resist him. She locked her arms around his neck and kissed him back, letting him taste her relief and gratitude. Several moments later, he lifted his head and smiled down at her. “I can’t believe it. How’d you figure it out?” “I never saw both of you at the same time. That made no sense.” She slid her hands over his shoulders, unable to stop touching him. He felt so warm and solid and strong. “The

iron against his belly. “Fire cauterizes,” Liz said, keeping her hand flat against him. “Fire cleanses and purifies.” He looked at her and saw that she was once again illuminated with that inner fire. Sparks flew from the ends of her hair, and her eyes were aglow with confidence. She was radiant and beautiful, looking like a deity herself. No. She was a Firedaughter. Brandon knew she was right about the purification. He could feel the difference in this heat. It wasn’t digging deep to injure

shoes, leaving them outside the circle. She was wearing two baby carriers, so one child was in front and one in the back. It worked only because the babies were small, since Rox was petite herself. It wouldn’t work in a few months. They had talked about keeping the children somewhere else, somewhere safe, but there was no safer place, according to Liz, than inside the circle. Their fathers had been vehement that they wanted to personally defend their families. The children were all awake and

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