Eight Days to Live: An Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller

Eight Days to Live: An Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller

Iris Johansen

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 0312368143

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It all begins with a painting called Guilt. Eve Duncan's daughter, Jane, has no idea why she painted the portrait of the chilling face that now hangs in a Paris gallery. But those who belong to a powerful cult―one that dates back to the time of Christ―know both the face and the significance behind it…
They believe that Jane must die―when the moment is right, and not an instant before she leads them to an ancient treasure whose value and power are beyond price. But for now, they target those close to Jane, killing without mercy or conscience.

From Paris to the Scottish isles to the Holy Land, Jane finds herself in a desperate race against time to unravel the mystery surrounding her painting…and save her own life. Even with Eve's help, can she possibly succeed before her time is up?

The Hearing (Dismas Hardy, Book 7)


Reconstructing Amelia

Secrets of the Lazarus Club




















reason Joe was hurt.” “Then yes, I’ll be pissed at you. I’ll want to break your neck. Is Eve angry with you?” “No, she says no one could have stopped Joe.” Jane slowly nodded. “She’s right. No one could ever stop Joe from doing what he wanted to do. I knew that the first time I saw him. But it relieved me. I knew if Joe ever became my friend, it wouldn’t be because Eve wanted him to do it. It would be because he wanted it himself. That was important to me. I was a ten-year-old Eve had picked

give him a few minutes alone with anyone, and he can convince them that they want to do anything he wants them to do. He can turn hatred into friendship. If he asks anyone questions, they’re going to answer him. Which would help enormously if you’re on the hunt for someone.” “I imagine it would,” Jock said absently, his gaze studying her face. “Let me understand you. You’re talking about a psychic ability?” “I know that it sounds weird.” “Oh, yes.” “You don’t have to believe me. That’s why I

She paused, then said reluctantly, “He gave me a personal demonstration.” “Personal?” “Don’t ask. I was ready to murder him.” She added, “But he can do it, Jock. If anyone can find Weismann, it will be Caleb. He’s spent most of his life hunting down people.” “And what does he do when he catches them?” Her grasp tightened on the paper cup. “I imagine his death count may be as high or higher than yours, Jock.” “Really?” He leaned back in his chair. “You do seem to draw us lost souls to you,

around the room and stopped at the table by the window. He picked up her sketchbook and gazed down at the sketch she’d been working on last night. “Is this Gavin?” “Yes.” “Interesting. You have him looking out at the world with a mixture of wonder and cynicism. Complicated. But then considering his background, Gavin would probably be exceptionally complicated.” “He’s a good man,” she said fiercely. “Complicated? He went through hell and back. He was lucky to survive with his sanity. Yes, he

back to see Henrik Barnard standing where they’d left him, frowning up at the video camera. “Will he erase them?” she asked in a low voice as Caleb opened the front door for her. “Eighty-five percent probability. If he doesn’t do it now, it will bother him enough to make him come back later and do it.” “It’s scary that you have it down to percentages.” “I’ve been at this a long time. We didn’t need a video record of our presence in the bank. It was only another little push for me.” “And what

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