Echo House

Echo House

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0395901383

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Here is Just's masterpiece - an epic chronicle of three generations of Washington power brokers and the womenfolk who loved them (except when they didn't). The Washington Post described this book as "a fascinating if ultimately painful fairy tale, complete with a family curse. The decline of the Behls represents the decline of Washington from the bright dawn of the American century into the gathering shadows of an alien new millennium."

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said. I can imagine, Axel said. It's ordinary wine, he said. Not too expensive. Your family is with you here? My father is with the government at Vichy, the count said. He is a legal administrator. He is what you call a collaborator but he believes in Pétain. He was with the old man at Verdun in the last war, so they are comrades. They share the burden of eight hundred thousand casualties in seven months. Soon we will have General de Gaulle, so I do not know what will happen to my father, but

the Germans after they learned it had sheltered a unit of the Maquis. This is like that, Fred said. This is worse, Axel said. Fred reached into the back seat to fetch his carbine, checking to see that the clip was loaded and engaged, and the safety off. The birds continued to cry, stretching their wings as they pranced among the dead. White smoke spilled from the doorway of the café, the smoke sliding between the tables and chairs, obscuring the dead. Something was burning inside the café and

said next, and perhaps he said nothing at all. But he remembered very clearly Sylvia's long equivocal sigh, a kind of yawn, the sound a cat makes when it awakes from deep sleep. "Thank God there's no chance of that now," she said. Axel was silent again. His voice had grown so soft that his son had to strain to hear him. He picked up his glass of whiskey and set it down again, looking searchingly at Alec, then shaking his head, as if he had suddenly remembered something much more important. He

a logical beginning or end. There seemed to be no rational cause for any of it, unless the cause was the war itself, in which strange things happened, as every soldier knows. His father seemed to have found something nearly supernatural in a city swept clean of life, implying that God had stumbled and crushed the city as thoughtlessly as you would an anthill. But God had nothing to do with it. Alec thought of the townspeople and the German soldiers, and then suddenly did not want to think of the

for his son was introduce him to public life so that he could see things at first hand. You had to know what was real before you could identify the propaganda. You had to know how men talked to one another, and then you could begin to understand why one man reacted one way and another man another way to good news or bad. You tested a wooden nickel with your teeth, and character the same way. So he had arranged for the Cessna and told Alec to be on it. Axel watched his son alight from the cab and

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