East of The Elbe - An MP in Cold War Berlin

East of The Elbe - An MP in Cold War Berlin

Dawn Walsh

Language: English

Pages: 89

ISBN: 1492838640

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

I joined the US Army straight out of high school looking for an affordable education, but also for travel and adventure. Assigned to the 287th Military Police Company in Berlin Germany in 1988, during the height of the cold war, I experienced many once in a lifetime opportunities, such as being assigned to work the legendary, Checkpoint Charlie. Over the next three years, I would meet my future husband and get married near a medieval castle on a lake in Denmark. I would explore and learn about the history of many fascinating places throughout Europe; treading in the footsteps of Kings, Conquerors and Tyrants but also, I would be a part of world history unfolding as I stood on top of the Berlin wall at the Brandenburg Gate the night the wall came down, and again nearly a year later when Berlin celebrated their nations reunification.

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a Christian couple and would drive a van to the post every Friday evening to pick up any soldiers who wanted to spend the weekend at their home. The only catch was that you had to attend a prayer meeting after dinner each night, and help out with the cooking and cleaning up for each meal. Other than that, you could take a boat out on their pond or you could wander their land to your heart’s content and they would feed you three good meals a day. This was my favorite place to go during my passes

1989. Mt Pass, Salzburg Salzburg, Austria Chapter 8: Culture I’ve always been fascinated by German culture. It is very similar to America in many ways, such as religion, politics, moral values, etc. They like similar types of foods such as breads, pastas, potatoes, Meat, and seafood. Although the Germans, in my opinion, are much more creative in their recipes. One major difference I noticed right away is in how they buy their groceries. They don’t go to huge supermarkets and

sets, etc. When it comes to civilian vehicles, you won’t see any pickup trucks on the autobahn or in the cities. They also have several unusual types of cars that you won’t see in America such as the Citroen’s, Panda’s and Trabants. They also had Mini’s, which at the time were a new concept for Americans as the Mini Cooper hadn’t yet been introduced in the states. Berlin is a very multi-cultural society. People from over one hundred and eighty nationalities reside in the region. The largest

Sometimes flea markets are specific to a certain interest, such as art, antiques, or music. I once found a record album I had been searching years for. It was out of print and had never been released in the United States. So every time I went to a music store in Berlin, I would search for that album. I had been prepared to spend big bucks for it as well, but I ended up finding it for next to nothing at a flea market. In the fall of 1989, Ed and I decided to go shopping in East Berlin again. He

knew, I probably would never be able to afford to come back again. Ed and I made plans that we would come back for our ten year anniversary, but when the time came, we were not able to afford it. To this day, we have not been able to go back to Europe, though I still dream of it and in fact would love to travel and see more than we were able to before. I’d love to be able to see Italy, Greece, and France. As ken was growing up, I’ve tried to instill in him good moral standards, how to treat

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