Dune Road: A Novel

Dune Road: A Novel

Jane Green

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0452296250

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the New York Times bestselling author of Falling comes a timely novel about the challenges of starting over.

In the Gold Coast town of Highfield, Connecticut, recent divorcée Kit Hargrove has joyfully exchanged the requisite diamond studs and Persian rugs of a “Wall Street Widow” for her true dream home: a clapboard Cape with sea green shutters and sprawling impatiens. Her kids are content, her ex cooperative, and each morning she wakes up to her dream job assisting novelist Robert McClore.
But when a figure from the past arrives just as the shifting financial market turns Highfield upside down, Kit is forced to realize that her blissfully constructed life and blossoming new romance aren’t as foolproof as she thought...

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other plans. And so today, as she sits in the Greenhouse with Kit and Charlie, listening to them chatter away, she smiles to herself, knowing that everything is working out exactly the way it is supposed to. They have stopped for lunch after a morning traipsing around the neighboring town of Westport searching for the perfect outfit to wear to Robert and Tracy’s wedding. “It’s tiny,” Tracy kept insisting. “Just fifteen of us. Please don’t go to any trouble.” “Don’t worry, we can’t afford to,”

restaurant—and a florist.” “Aha!” “Exactly. So they asked if I would run the florist.” “Would you own it?” “I would run it as a concession. It’s perfect. It gives me a shop front but without the headaches of ownership, which is the best of all worlds. And there’s great space downstairs in the basement to do all the arranging. We’ve projected an increase of sixty percent once we’re there, so I’m going to need Keith’s help because, God knows, it’s not like I can afford to pay anyone.” “And how

Her eyes light up. “It’s like it’s just been waiting for us to come in and take it over.” There is a silence. “Us? ” Harry says, good-naturedly. “Well, that’s the thing. It isn’t officially on the market. I happened to hear about it from a girl who comes to the yoga center.” “Who? ” Charlie is curious. “Oh she’s not a regular. She’s in some of my evening classes. You don’t know her. But her husband works on Water Street, and this building is owned by a colleague of his. He was hoping to

storms out of the room, her face flushed with anger, her heart pounding. She closes the door of her office and sits down at her desk, burying her head in her hands. Oh God. Perhaps she shouldn’t have said all that. She hadn’t planned to, but she just saw red. What she doesn’t see is Tracy, also shocked, bursting into tears. Leading three different lives is taking its toll. The secrecy, the lies, the constantly having to keep her defenses up, are proving overwhelming. Kit and Charlie are the

out to be a fully fledged storm. “So,” Ginny picks up a glass of wine and takes a sip, “what exactly are you doing here? Another stint in rehab go wrong? Your father deciding not to support you any more? Presumably, there’s something you’re after or you wouldn’t be here. Money, again, is it? ” Kit’s mouth falls open in shock. This is a side of her mother she has never seen. Her mother has been often dismissive, but never rude. Her belittling and invalidating of Kit came in the form of humor,

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