Drums Along the Mohawk (New York Classics)

Drums Along the Mohawk (New York Classics)

Language: English

Pages: 608

ISBN: 0815604572

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"The best work of its kind. Throbs with life upon a hostile frontier ... doubly thrilling as Mr. Edmonds sets it down, touched with local color, lively with dialogue, bright with suspense". -- The New York Times

Drums Along the Mohawk is the most renowned work of Walter D. Edmonds. This legendary tale is a timeless look at the Mohawk Valley's forgotten pioneers during the Revolutionary War. Drums Along the Mohawk's intimate and historical portraits are as appealing today as when they were first published in 1936.

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pretty young, I guess, but it made me feel big. “She didn’t come only to my shoulder and she had braids reaching down to the middle of her thighs. She wasn’t only medium dark, too, and she was pretty in her best clothes. She had on a kind of red overdress, what they call Ah-de-a-da-we-sa, and a blue skirt with beadwork on it. She was a great hand with beadwork. It was what made her come high in marriage. And her pant things was doeskin with more beading on the foot.” “She come high?” “I didn’t

square-faced man, with solid wrists and a deliberate way of talking. He stood before the feather, breathing loudly through his nose, for quite a while, before he turned to Lana and Gil. “A man could hardly paint a thing like that,” he said, pointing to the heart-shape in the eye. He shook his head. “No, sir, not hardly. You’ve married yourself quite a girl, Gil.” His slow, good-humored eyes fixed themselves on Lana with respect. “Would you mind showing that thing to John and Cobus sometime,

All people were warned to enter the forts. The militia at Stone Arabia were to stand before the ravaging army. General Robert Van Rensselaer was bringing the Albany militia up the valley to take him in the rear. Bellinger sent orders to the detail at McKlennar’s. It was at once to proceed to Ellis’s Mills at the falls and reënforce the garrison there. Fifty militia were about to march from Dayton and Herkimer to back up Colonel Brown at Stone Arabia or join Colonel Klock. A detail would be sent

ever bothered us none after October, only when Butler went to Cherry Valley.” John was glad to believe him. All day he had been keeping scarcely half a watch. He had hardly felt the cold as he crouched down behind the windbreak Joe had constructed. It seemed to him that his whole being was filled with what Mary had told him that morning about being sure that she was going to have a baby. He thought he would never forget her; she acted so proud. “Do you think I should tell your mother, John?”

did find Demooth’s oxen and one of Weaver’s yoke and drove them back on the slow march home. They ate at Wolff’s store. Of Mrs. Wolff there was no sign. The building, as well as Thompson’s house, was deserted. Footprints showed that Caldwell’s party had come so far. Whether the woman had gone off to Canada of her own free will, been taken, or been destroyed somewhere in the woods, they could not tell. There was no sense in following the trail with the start the destructives had had, and there

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