Dreaming the Dark

Dreaming the Dark


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Dreaming the Dark

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political: the forces that shape our individual lives are the same forces that shape our collective life as a culture. Feminist consciousness-raising is a process based on sound magical principles. If we speak to each other as equals, not about abstract theories but about the concrete realities of our experience, we will see the common forces that have shaped our lives. If we speak honestly. The magic that works is not the magic of lies, of illusions. Especially dangerous are the lies we tell

each of us may, alone, have only a very small voice, we are willing, out of a sense of futility (a defense against fear) to throw away the voice that we do have, which might, combined with other voices, have become a loud roar, a bear’s growl. To reclaim our power, to change our internal landscape, we must confront the self-hater. As the Shaman descends into the place of death and dismemberment, we also must descend into fear, into terror, into despair itself. The confrontation must be more than

position of the adult, no longer cowering or clinging, no longer jerked by the strings of authority to perform according to someone else’s wishes. And, having taken the position of control, she is able safely to let go of control, to Fall. “I’m looking out the eyes of the monster,” she says. She has merged with the monster—but it has been transformed. Earlier, she was terrified of falling. Now, she says, “I want to fall. I want to find out what happens when it’s dark. I cut the cord, and I give

they are women refusing to serve as ground for the male self. They withdraw the flow of nurturing upon which the cut-off male self depends, affirming, instead, selfhood in each other, nurturing and strengthening each other. The gay men’s movement has aspects that are threatening to patriarchy and potentially liberating, as well as aspects that may be oppressive and can reproduce the power relationships of patriarchy. Men who are cut off from feeling may substitute male bodies for female bodies

hunter’s treatises and to include a section showing, from the ‘nature’ of women, why witches are female. This pattern is found equally in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century treatises written by Protestants.”91 Women bring life into the world. In a culture in which women mother, women’s bodies provide our first experiences of warmth and comfort, of a deep sensual pleasure untainted by restrictions.92 To turn against women, then, is to turn against life itself, to deny flesh, pleasure, and

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