Don't Cry

Don't Cry

Beverly Barton

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 1420110349

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Nowhere To Run

The crime scenes are horrifying: the victims arranged with deliberate care, posed to appear alive despite their agonized last moments and the shocking nature of their deaths.

No Place To Hide

Chattanooga grief counselor Audrey Sherrod moonlights for the local police. It's clear to her, and to Special Agent J.D. Cass, that the murders are the work of a deranged serial killer. At first, the only link is the victims' similar physical appearance. But then another connection emerges, tying them to a long-ago series of horrifying crimes Audrey hoped would never resurface--crimes that hit all too close to home.

No Time To Cry

Each grisly new discovery proves the past has not been forgotten, and the worst is yet to come. Audrey went looking for the truth and she's about to find it. . .and it will be more twisted and more terrifying than she ever imagined. . .

Praise for the novels of Beverly Barton

"Masterful!" –Linda Howard, New York Times bestselling author on Cold Hearted

"A powerful story that kept me up very late--with all the lights on." --Kay Hooper, New York Times bestselling author on As Good as Dead

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from the open doorway. Tam snapped around and saw J.D. standing there, his fist tapping lightly on the door frame. “I knocked a couple of times, but you didn’t hear me,” he told her. “You seemed a million miles away. Everything okay?” No, everything wasn’t okay, but she could hardly explain herself to J.D. “Sure, everything’s fine. I’m keeping the home fires burning today while you and my partner track down a possible lead.” “So you’re not going with us?” “Apparently not. It seems I’m needed

as close as she could.” Alice took a deep breath. “I noticed a car parked next to hers, the only one nearby. I didn’t think anything about it. I mean, it is a parking lot and sometimes people leave cars there all night.” “We understand,” Tam assured her. “Do you remember what model car you saw parked next to—?” Garth asked. Alice cut him off with an instant reply. “A big white car. An older model. A Lincoln, I believe. I’m not very good with makes and models, but I do know an older car from a

Pretty-boy good-looking. Last name of Bryant. Ring any bells?” “Porter Bryant is Corey Bennett!” Chapter 33 Driving like the proverbial bat out of hell, J.D. arrived at police headquarters twenty minutes after he got off the phone with Phil Hayes. But before leaving home, he’d called Tam and told her that they had found Corey Bennett and he’d fill her and Garth in on the details as soon as they met. Phil had told him that he would contact Chief Mullins. “I want you to do something for

was the last thing Audrey needed. Instead, he slipped his arm around her waist and said, “Come on, honey. I’m taking you home.” For most of her life, Audrey had prided herself on not needing anyone. And yet in the deepest recesses of her heart, she had secretly longed for something always just beyond her reach, had experienced that inexplicable yearning to love and be loved…to need and be needed in return. She had learned at an early age, after her mother died, not to depend on anyone except

couple of minutes. J.D. looked at Jeremy’s small, slender hands and his thin fingers. A couple of his nails were chipped, one broken into the quick, and there was what looked like grease under one thumbnail. J.D.’s guess was this guy had never had a professional manicure in his life. “I wanted to see her, talk to her, to come face-to-face with the woman who had kidnapped me. I guess you could call it an unhealthy fascination,” Jeremy said. “Every time I went to see her, she called me Cody. She

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