Do Dead People Watch You Shower?: And Other Questions You've Been All but Dying to Ask a Medium

Do Dead People Watch You Shower?: And Other Questions You've Been All but Dying to Ask a Medium

Concetta Bertoldi

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0061351229

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Medium Concetta Bertoldi answers all your questions about life after life

. . . from the irreverent:
(If the dead are always with us, do they have a XXX view of my bedroom?)

. . . to the poignant:
(Will my deceased father be with me when I walk down the aisle on my wedding day?)

. . . to the heartfelt:
(When loved ones leave this life too early or under tragic circumstances, are they eternally heartbroken or can they find peace in heaven?)

Concetta Bertoldi has been communicating with the "Other Side" since childhood. In Do Dead People Watch You Shower?, the first-ever book of its kind, she exposes the naked truth about the fate and happiness of our late loved ones with no-holds-barred honesty and delightfully wry humor, answering questions that range from the practical to the outrageous. In addition she shares with us her own intimate secrets, revealing with refreshing candor how her miraculous gift has affected her life, her marriage, her friendships, and her career, as well as the myriad ways she has used it to help others.

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the pew together, and down at the bottom of the screen is a button and a big hand comes in and pushes the button and the couple goes flying out of the church. Then you see an old homeless woman come in and sit down and again the hand comes in and hits the button and she goes flying out of the church. Then you see a biracial couple come in with a cute little baby and here comes the hand again, hitting the ejector button, and the whole family goes flying. And then there’s the message: God does not

would relate to and communicate with as another human being (albeit in spirit form). The best way I can explain this is, think about if aliens came and colonized the earth. We’d recognize and relate to other humans, as opposed to the aliens, as fellow earthlings. We may not know them personally, but we think of them as “like us,” and if we wanted to ask directions from someone it’s more likely we’d ask another earthling than an alien. We’d just feel more comfortable. Over there, everyone is “like

have gone back to now is so much better. But to the broader question, it seems to me that there is no fixed age that someone may be on that side. I believe you can pick your age. I know that my father does not appear to me as an old man and my brother does not appear to me as a sick man. They are both young and beautiful on the Other Side. It’s most likely that spirits get to pick the age they feel most perfect, most themselves at. But I do know that when a client comes for a reading the person

talk to whoever I wanted I’d tell Jim Morrison, “Sorry for what they all did to your grave site!” What is different about reading for a celebrity? Not much. They want to know the same stuff that everyone else does. They want to talk to their relatives or ask if they are going to get married, have kids, and so on. One aspect that is different is that oftentimes actors will come to me because they are looking for something spiritual to connect with that will help them with their craft.

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