Dictionary Of Word Roots

Dictionary Of Word Roots

Donald Borror

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0910305080

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One of the outstanding problems of the biologist, whether he be beginning student or specialists, is that of understanding technical terms. The best way to understand and remember technical terms is to understand first their component parts, or roots. This dictionary has been designed primarily to meet the needs of the beginning student, the medical student, and the taxonomist, but it should be of value to all biologists.

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Carved, scraped scamb, -o (G). Curved, bent scamill, «us (L). A little bench scamn, -o, =um (L). A bench, stool scan, -d, -s, -sor (L). Climb scan, -i, -o, -us (G). A corpse and Combining Forms scap, «us (L): A stem; (G): a 89 schoen, -i, -o (G). A reed; a rope «schola (L): School; (G): leisure sci, -a, -o (G). A shadow scapan, -e, -i, -o (G). A spade sciad, -i (G). A canopy, umbel scaph, -i, -o (G). A bowl, boat, sciaen, «a (L). A sea fish trough; anything hollowed out sciar, -o (G).

serpent, -ar, -i (L). A serpent serph, -o, «us (G). A gnat serpul, «a, -o (L). A little snake serr, «a, -at, -i (L). A saw sert (L). Entwined, joined sert, «a (L). Garlands «serum (L). Whey; the watery part of fluids serv, «a, -i, «us (L). A slave; serve •ses, -i (G). A moth sesam, «e (G). Sesame 92 sesel, -i (G). A shrub sesqui (L). One and one-half sessil (L). Sitting on, sedentary, without a stem sestr, -o, =um (G). A sieve set, «a, -i (L). A bristle set, -o (G). A moth seth, -o, «us (G). A

tann, «urn (ML). Tanning tany, -o (G). Stretch, stretched tao, -n, «s (G). A peacock tape, *s, -to (G). A carpet tapein, -o (G). Low taph, -o, -r (G). A burial; as­ tonishment taphr, -o, «us (G). A trench tapin, -o (G). Low tapir, -o (Sp). A tapir tarac, -h, -t (G). Disorder; disturb «taragma, -to (G). Trouble, uneasi­ ness tarand, «us (G). The reindeer tarant (It). A town in Italy taraxi, «s (G): Confusion, trouble; (Ar): a kind of succory tarb, -o (G). Terror tarbale (G). Fearful tard, -i (L).

Rough trache, «a, -i, -o (L). The windpipe trachel, -o (G). The neck, throat trachyte (G). Roughness tract (L). Drawn trag, -ed, -i (G). Tragedy trag, -i, -o, «us (G). A goat •tragopan (L My) A fabulous bird tram, «a, -o (L). Cross-woven fabric, woof tram, «es, -it (L). A cross way, path tran, «es, -i (G). Clear, distinct tran, -s (L). Across, through transvers, -o (L). Transverse trapel, -o (G). Easily turned trapez, «a, -i, -o (G). A table traphe, -c, *x (G). A spear trapher, -o (G). Well fed

axis az, -ale, -o (G). Dry, parched D i c t i o n a r y of Word Roots azot (F). Nitrogen azyg, -o (G). Unpaired, unmarried 6 bacc, »a, -i (L). A berry; a pearl bacch, -an, -e (GMy). Wine; frenzy bacill, «urn (L). A little stick bact, -er, -r (G). A rod, staff bacteri, -o (G). Bacteria bacul, »um (L). A rod, staff badis, -i, -t (G). Walk, step baen, -o (G). Walk, step baeo (G). Little bagn (It). A bath baio (G). Little balaen, »a, -i, -o (L). A whale balan, -o, =us (G). An acorn; the glans of

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