Dictionary of Construction Terms

Dictionary of Construction Terms

Simon Tolson, Jeremy Glover, Stacy Sinclair

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 2:00264388

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Dictionary of Construction Terms offers clear and concise explanations of the most commonly encountered legal and technical terms, phrases and abbreviations used throughout the construction industry. It will save valuable time when searching for an authoritative explanation of a frequently used term and will become a practical reference for construction lawyers, practitioners and students, as well as those in related industries including planning, property and insurance.

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Management) (CDM) Regulations 2007, SI 2007/320. Failure to comply with the ACoP is not in itself an offence; however, it is likely to evidence a failure to comply with primary health and safety legislation. Approved for construction (AFC) The final status of an engineering or construction drawing. This terminology is typically used in the fabrication of a product or component. The effect of the approval will depend on the terms of the construction contract. In building contracts, design

Building Regulations A set of legal requirements and minimum design and construction standards which aim to ensure the health, safety and welfare of people in and around buildings. In addition, the regulations provide for safe access to buildings and energy and fuel conservation. The regulations have been created by the Secretary of State for the Environment under powers delegated by the Building Act 1984. They are intended to provide practical guidance on how to comply with reg 7 of the

known as “approbation and 94 Election STEP 1: CALCULATE PROJECT OVERHEAD Total contract price Total company billings during the contract period Total home office overhead Project Overhead STEP 2: CALCULATE DAILY PROJECT OVERHEAD Project Overhead Number of days it took to perform the contract (including delay days) Daily Project Overhead Rate STEP 3: CALCULATE PROJECT OVERHEAD DAMAGES Daily Project Overhead Rate Number of delay days compensated for Home office overhead damages allocated

used. Wire mesh versions are used in more transient situations. Hoist A mechanical means of lifting heavy objects, usually by a pulley system powered by an electric motor. Hoists may also be similar in appearance and function to small cranes, or like lifts when fixed to the side of a building to raise building materials. Holdback A North-American term for the retention of money from a contractor’s account: unlike the position in English law, claims may be made against holdback by unpaid

relation to construction contracts. Incorporation is most effectively achieved by listing the documents intended to form part of the contract signed by the parties. In other cases, incorporation can take place as a result of reference in a contract document and evidence will be admissible to identify a standard form incorrectly described. An arbitration clause contained in another document will only be achieved if it can be clearly shown that that was the intention of the parties. Incoterms

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