Defy Your DNA: How the New Personalized Gene Patch Medicines Will Help You Overcome Your Greatest Health Challenges

Defy Your DNA: How the New Personalized Gene Patch Medicines Will Help You Overcome Your Greatest Health Challenges

Stephen Shrewsbury

Language: English

Pages: 172

ISBN: 2:00159827

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The greatest medical breakthrough since penicillin, currently featured in a storyline on the TV show Grey's Anatomy, is about to change your health care forever (even if cancer and heart disease lurk in your genes).

What if your doctor could stop a disease for you or your children before it actually happens? That may sound like science fiction, but the FDA is already approving a new class of medicines that will literally patch your genes and end inherited illness.

Defy Your DNA will be your guide to this brave, new medical future. Inside you'll discover:

*The new possibilities for healing heart disease, cancer, and diabetes as well as rare diseases such as muscular dystrophy and sickle cell anemia.

*The secret weapon that can end biological warfare right now (as well as the threat of plague-like viruses such as Ebola and West Nile).

*What the doctor's visit of the future will look like and how you can get a map of your own DNA today for under $1000.

*The top ten shocking future medical trends that are coming to a galaxy near you right now and much, much more!

"A visionary outlook on exciting developments in the field." Doug Kornbrust, Ph.D., President, Preclinsight

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later) and then a copy of the necessary information is bound into a much, much slimmer book. Thus the book copy (mRNA) that will leave the library (nucleus) only contains important instructions so that when it reaches the factory (the ribosome in the cell cytoplasm), the various blueprints are still recognized and can still be used to build the finished products (the different proteins). The introns that have been discarded contained no useful information at all, or so it was thought, but all of

in such a way that A always pairs with U and C always pairs with G. As noted in the last chapter, the fact that both molecules are comprised of complementary bases means that the mobile RNA can ferry out (from the cell’s nucleus) the genetic information contained in the stationary DNA. The ability of RNA and DNA to bind to each other can be exploited to interrupt cellular processes by employing very small snippets of DNA called oligomers or oligonucleotides. Whereas a single human gene is, on

who are similarly suspected of suffering from a rare disorder. Most rare diseases are genetic, and thus are present throughout the person’s entire life, even if symptoms do not immediately appear. However, many rare diseases appear early in life, and about thirty percent of children with rare diseases will die before reaching their fifth birthday. Rare diseases can vary in prevalence between populations, so a disease that is rare in some populations may be common in others. This is especially

which I was peripherally involved), I rapidly came to realize how urgent the need was for a safe and effective treatment to be developed for Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever before any more laboratory workers were accidentally infected, and before any further outbreaks occurred in the African jungle. In this latest incident the worker did not contract the infection. Against the fictitious and factual outbreaks and incidents, there is currently no effective treatment for filovirus infections. But that

sequenced. All it requires are a few cells from inside your cheek that can be provided in a spit sample. Several biotech companies responsible for sequencing the genome have actually held “spit parties” to advertise how easy it is now to provide a suitable sample to permit a full genome sequence. In fact, a party hosted by 23andMe even made the “Fashion & Style” section of The New York Times. A photo of a young couple spitting into collection tubes was captioned, “When in doubt, spit it out.”

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